Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Planned changes to Grunk and Jacob

From Magic Rush FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MagicRushOnline/?fref=nf

Noble Heroes,
Below are the plans this time around for hero changes aimed at Grunk and Jacob.
This hero has been one of the most well-liked Cannon types in the game, and to that end we are planning to enhance one of his small skills so that his AoE damage can reach the mid row and not just be limited to the enemy front row.
1) We are improving the way his ultimate is animated, changing it so that he burrows underground, more in keeping with his character.
2) Earth Shock will be changed to Forest Friend - Summons animals of the forest to deal AoE damage to the enemy and lower their movement speed.
Since he got updated, Jacob has been a hot topic among players. After long-term testing and analysis, we plan to buff his ultimate damage and lifesteal abilities, to give him more staying power and firepower.
1) When Jacob casts ultimate, he will summon two clones of himself to attack two other enemies, having the same effects on those targets as the main target. In addition, the health regen effects they generate will go to Jacob himself.

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