Thursday, February 23, 2017

Update - Medea Awakening, New hero: Slash, Beast Soul Dissolving

Update - Medea Awakening, New hero: Slash, Beast Soul Dissolving

Hero Changes
Slash, March Sign-in Hero
Role: Tank. Damage reduction and HP regen.
Ultimate: Torture Mask - Places a mask in a target location which absorbs all dmg taken by allies. After 4s, the mask explodes, dealing dmg to nearby enemies & lowering their energy. If destroyed before 4s, the explosion will deal less dmg.
Green: Soul Chain - Chains his soul to the rest of his team and transfers 50% of final damage taken by him to his teammates, spread equally among them. Also reduces this damage by a certain percentage.
Blue: Dissection - Slices an enemy in front of him with his chain saw, dealing magic damage and absorbing the enemy's energy.
Blue 2: Feast - Slowly regens health for the whole team during battles.

Awakening: Awaken Skill: Hive Lord – Using Baneling Bite will summon 2 Lordling bugs. Lordling attacks will briefly silence targets. Lordlings will attack enemies that have not been silenced first.

Awaken Skill: Assassinate – Coco will not take damage when casting Assassinate. Through her rigorous training, Coco has developed nimble reflexes that make her a tough target to hit.

Blue Skill: Dancing Ray – Slightly increased splash range. Now more teammates will get a boost from Sun’s Blessing.
Passive: Sun’s Blessing – Will now also increase teammate attack damage.

Pulan/Karas Bug Fix: This bug caused the timing of their Awaken skill casting to be inconsistent with their actual HP level.

Gearz: Changed his occupation to Cannon and added splash damage to his basic attack, just like the vast majority of Cannons.

Paganini/Charon/Little Red/Tartarus: Surplus soulstones for these heroes can now be exchanged in the Time Traveler shop for Malachi soulstones.

Update Content
Beast Soul Dissolving
Surplus Beast Soul components can now be dissolved.
Players can now enter Beast Soul Storage and select their unwanted soul components to be dissolved. It is recommended to dissolve Blue components first.
Players will get soul crystals for dissolving components, including a full refund of all soul crystals spent on refining the components.
The soul crystals gained from dissolving are labeled Sub Soul Crystals. They have the same effect and value as normal soul crystals, and they will be used first when refining other components.
Daily To Do
Added three new daily tasks: Alliance Turf Construction, Subterra Challenge, and Sky City Challenge.
Beast Souls
Skill demos for Beast Soul skills can now be viewed.

Fixed a bug which was enabling Orange heroes to get some Rune Core abilities even before the player had unlocked the Rune Core feature.
Improved the new message prompt when a new message is received while composing a message.
Added numbers to Shadow Essence mines.
Improved some aspects of choosing lineups for Alliance War and Hero Brawl

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