Saturday, May 21, 2016

Murphy redesign + another possible new hero

Murphy's new skills

  • Snake Swarm (previously Raging Sea): Summons a bunch of snakes to swarm the battlefield, dealing 3 hits of damage to enemies in the area and interrupting their actions.
  • Viper Gaze (Ocean Swell): The viper's gaze causes enemies to shudder, lowering the armor of 2 enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Poison Cure (Sea Guardian): Uses venom to heal the most injured teammate. If health is under 50%, it will heal double. If already at max health, it will deal damage.
  • Snake Power (Ocean's Power): Uses mysterious magic to strengthen her team's attack damage and ability power.
So, keeping up with the snake theme, this picture which was posted in yesterday's thread might actually be a redesigned Murphy, not Kong Ming.

New hero: Diaochan

Hero name: Diaochan
Hero description: Mid row Mage. Magic basic attack. Has powerful battlefield mop-up capabilities.
  • Prime Flurry - Suddenly appears behind an enemy and deals continuous magic damage for 2s to nearby enemies. The closer they are, the higher the damage dealt.
  • Heart Breaker - Deals magic damage to an enemy, causing the target to bleed and continuously take damage for 8s.
  • City Toppler - Throws out multiple blades, dealing magic damage to up to 5 enemies.
  • Take Flight - After an enemy unit dies, she will regen some health and get an increase in attack speed for 5s.
(Reddit post)

That means new hero with Snakes is maybe only new Murphy. I am only little bit confused about Poison Cure - on auto battle she can put skill to full healed hero and damage him.

About new hero Diaochan - with these skills is maybe Legend Hero
It sound like Magic Assassin Ninja.

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