Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bibo, West, Murphy new Review + gameplay

New Bibo level 90 Review + Gameplay
Skill Revisions
a) Bibo Bullet – Changed to hit all enemies in a straight line.
b) Mystic Leap changed to Bibo Barrage - Jumps to another position and shoots out 3 projectiles.
c) Bibo Recharge – For 7 seconds after casting Mystic Leap, increases his own physical and magic damage.

New West level 90 Review + Gameplay
a) Double Rapid Fire changed to: Photon Barrage - Fires 3 energy projectiles that deals physical damage to enemies in front of him. The third bullet knocks back any enemy in its path.
b) Power Shot changed to: Energy Shot – Slightly lowered this skill’s damage to account for fairly large damage boost that Lightspeed got.
c) Lightspeed – After teleporting, it will deal 3 hits of physical damage to an enemy instead of 2, increasing its total damage dealt.

New Murphy level 90 Review + Gameplay
Her skills have been redone.
a) Ultimate: Snake Swarm - Summons a bunch of snakes to swarm the battlefield, dealing 3 hits of damage to enemies in the area and interrupting their actions.
b) Green: Viper Gaze - The viper's gaze causes enemies to shudder, lowering the armor of 2 enemies for 10 seconds.
c) Blue: Poison Cure - Uses venom to heal the most injured teammate. If target’s health is under 50%, it will heal double. If already at max health, it will deal damage.
d) Purple: Snake Power - Uses mysterious magic to strengthen her team's attack damage and ability power.
Awaken Skill: Spirit Snake - Summons 2 guards when Viper Gaze is cast. One guard makes one teammate's basic attacks poisonous. The other heals a hero who took physical damage and gives that hero physical damage immunity for 4s.

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