Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Revisions and changes 14.06.16

Dear Players, this next round of hero changes plans to target 3 heroes, and we need your input to decide whether to make any further adjustments to our plan. So leave your opinions about these changes in the comments below!
1. Yuan Skill Revisions
Yuan is a tank with fairly strong DPS, and he pairs up well with other heroes who can threaten the enemy back row, so we’ve enhanced his damage dealing capabilities.
1) Nunchuck Chuck will be redone. One of our designers came up with a unique new way to depict this skill: Yuan will still attack the enemy back row, but he won’t just suddenly jump over there. Rather, he’ll end up behind his target by circling around the whole world.
2. Bronze Shield is losing the shield effect in exchange for dealing damage to enemies in Yuan’s way while he’s moving.
3. Yuan’s passive skill will be changed to increasing attack damage for himself.
2. York Ultimate Changes
York’s ultimate is changing so that he will successively fire explosive bullets at random targets, and as these bullets explode on impact, the explosion will deal short-range AoE damage (yes, just short-range). All in all, this will make the AoE damage from his ultimate more reliable, enabling him to deal more damage. But it could also get interrupted!
3. Karas Ultimate Changes
We will make some changes to Karas’s ultimate to open up more strategic possibilities for him. His new ultimate will take effect against enemies within a certain area, not limited to just 3 set targets. Range is expected to reach the enemy mid row. What this means is that if your opponent has a 1-1-3 formation, the effectiveness of this ultimate will be a little worse than before, but if the opponent is running a 2-3-0 lineup or has lots of summoned creatures, then this could end up being very effective indeed.
Bonus Hero: New Hero Spoiler (Under Development)
We’re sure that everyone is already deeply familiar with some of the bad guys in the game, like early game Wereboar Shaman, Wereboar Witch Doctor, Wolf Rider, etc. We’re planning to take a character that has always been your enemy, the Soul Hunter, and turned him into a hero that everyone can use, and he’ll be able to summon some of those familiar old monsters to fight alongside him in battle.
The current plan for acquiring him is to let players exchange extra soulstones of heroes that are already full for his soulstones. Of course, there will probably also be some special occasions where you can get some for free, but gathering this hero’s soulstones will take patience!
Overall, this will mostly just be a hero to have around for his sentimental value (so he probably won’t be very strong!). Is that something you guys would be interested in?

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