Thursday, July 28, 2016



Hero Changes

Skill Adjustment: Fell Swoop – Damage slightly lowered.

Skill Adjustment: Shock Strike – Damage slightly lowered.


Awaken Skill Change - Formula for calculating Battle Frenzy changed
to make its effect more noticeable.

Lowered the amount of energy received from taking a hit in Arena, World Map, and other PvP gameplay.

3.Pearl: There was a bug in the damage calculation for her ultimate, causing it to deal too much damage. We fixed this issue.

Ultimate - Shark Swarm: Lowered damage.

Nereid Wave: Greatly raised added attack power.

Update Content

1.Alliance Turf Improvements:

Added Alliance Turf ranking board.

Added Alliance Turf help articles with pictures.

Improved the appearance of Alliance Turf on the World Map.

Improved lag around Alliance Turf on the World Map.

2.Added background stories for some heroes.

3.Added 2 maps to War Guardian.

4.Slightly lowered the difficulty for Elite Crusade.


1.Restricted spamming Chat with repeat messages.

2.Improved appearance of Demon King World Boss on the World Map.

3.Improved prompts for high-level alliance buildings.

4.Improved random monster animations in War Guardian.

5.Reduced sweep time in Crystal Dungeon.

6.Removed the 2nd confirmation prompt for smashing monsters in Abyss Treasure.

7.Slightly reduced the amount of monsters in Abyss Treasure.

8.Added a pop up box when a full lineup hasn’t been selected in Abyss Treasure.

9.In the tech upgrade page, can scroll right and left when looking up affected heroes.

10.Slightly shrunk the size of some castles on the World Map.

11.Improved game memory usage.

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