Wednesday, August 24, 2016 New Update Incoming! Release on Monday 29-08-16

Hero Changes:
1. New Hero: Krash
Role: Mid row Support. Disabler. Backfiring Skill.
Ultimate- Ponderation: Causes a heavy object to fall from the sky, dealing damage and stunning enemies in the area.
Green- Deceleravio: Forms a black hole over a target's head, dealing damage and lowering the target's attack speed.
Blue- Acceleramus: Increases his own and one teammate’s attack speed.
Passive- Krash Override: Lowers enemy attack speed. Grants teammates immunity from being knocked airborne or invincibility while airborne. This spell has a small chance of failing and extending time airborne.
2. Léon:
Passive- Hero Time: Raised AoE splash damage for his spin attack (basic attack).

Update Content:
1. Alliance Turf
a) Improved displays related to Turf Fragments.
b) Slightly raised the amount of Build Pts lost when
Alliance Turf is successfully attacked.
c) Added a system push notification for when soulstone requests can be made in the Soul Exchange.
d) Added Donation Rankings for Soul Exchange.
e) Simplified the messages sent to Alliance Chat about donating soulstones.
f) Add red dot notifications to runes in the Black Market and a display of heroes that can use the runes.
2. Ancient Ruins
a) Can now view recordings of other players passing stages.
b) Fixed issue with Captain Skills not activating in Ladder Tourney.
3. Added 2 new Alliance Tech items.
a) Get more Build Pts when building Alliance Turf.
b) Get HP buff when guarding Alliance Citadel.
4. Added a 2nd confirmation prompt when spending diamonds to buy high level runes in the Black Market/Mystery Market.
5. Added 16 more Hero Name Cards.
6. Added 1 new War Guardian map.
7. Can now scroll left and right to switch into multiple shops for continuous shopping.

1. Added a 2nd confirmation prompt when directly joining an alliance.
2. Stopped automatically scrolling back to the top of the Favorites list after declaring war on an enemy.
3. Stopped automatically scrolling back to the top of the mailbox after viewing a battle report.
4. Improved Rams’ skill demos.
5. Added a Help page for Awaken Quests.
6. Added a red dot notification when War Guardian refreshes.
7. Fixed problem with not showing red dots on heroes in the Alliance Turf Guard lineup page.
8. Add bulk purchases to Dragon’s Blessing.
9. Defense towers in Ancient Ruins are now immune to knockups.

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