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World Map Gameplay

At Troop Lv 25, the World Map gets unlocked. The main elements of the World Map are:

Castles + Resources + Wars + Alliances

Tap the “Exit City” button to enter the World Map and open up a whole new way to play.

1. Castles
Every player gets his/her own castle! But that also means you have a responsibility to: 1) Defend (your and allies’ castles) and 2) Attack (castles of your enemies).

1. Defense: You can set up 3 teams of 5 heroes each to defend your city walls. As long as they don’t all get defeated, your castle remains safe. You can also send troops to reinforce the castles of your allies. When you find out that one of your allies is under attack, don’t be selfish! Send a troop to help him out! When the troop is attacked, they will take damage, but they won’t die completely. A little Healing Spring water will have them back in fighting shape in no time.

2. Attack: Defeating an opponent’s 3 defense troops means that you’ve broken your enemy’s defenses and can loot his resources. You’ll also lower the enemy’s wall stability points, and when stability reaches 0, the enemy’s castle will be forcibly relocated to somewhere else on the map. If you can’t break the enemy’s defense, then you’ll just have to tuck tail and run home.

3. Relocating: Your castle’s location isn’t set it stone. If you’re not happy with where you’re at, then you can relocate. For example, if you want to move closer to your allies, or if you find yourself surrounded by hostile forces and need to slip the noose, you can go to the “City Wall” > “Evade War” tab and choose “Random Relocation” or “Precise Relocation”. The scrolls required to carry out these actions can be bought in the Alliance Shop. Later in the game, some alliance-based events such as Mega Mine Wars and Throne Wars will take place on the World Map which will probably require more use of relocations for strategic purposes.

2. Resources
What are resources used for? All kinds of rewards will include some resources, so what exactly are you supposed to do with them?
The most important use is: upgrading Tech, which raises the stats of all your heroes.
In post-battle stat comparisons, you’ll find three major components: Level, Runes, and Tech.

As you can see, tech can have a pretty big impact on your overall power.
Spend resources in the Academy to raise your Kingdom Lv as well as physical attack, health, armor, magic attack, and magic resist tech (the bottom row of icons in the picture below). I recommend leveling up Kingdom and the 2nd tier of tech (AD II, HP II, etc.) because the 1st tier of tech doesn’t give a very noticeable boost in stats. Upgrade altars just enough to allow you to keep upgrading your Kingdom level and concentrate most of your resources on tier 2 tech.

3. War
Upon leaving your city and entering the World Map for the first time, you’ll realize that every player is actually a whole castle unto itself. The most basic way to play here is to send a troop of 5 heroes to go attack a monster or another player’s castle on the World Map and get resources, or go occupy a mine and gather resources from there. However, the amount of resources you get from mining is relatively low, and later in the game it will be hard to keep up with demand relying on mining, so your bread and butter will still be attacking other players.

Monster/Rally Attacks
The first thing required for attacking a Wild Monster is to start a rally, which is a way of summoning your alliances members to band together and attack a target. The more allies you have taking part in the rally, the better your rewards will be because the monster will drop an extra treasure chest for every 3 troops in the rally.

Rally attacks can also target other players and Mega Mines. Marching speed for rallies is 3x’s faster than normal, but there are also some limitations, like for example if you’re more than 5 minutes away from the initiator of the rally on the World Map, then you can’t join it. This is one of the reasons why many alliances like to congregate in one area.

When attacking a player, you must first declare war. 30 minutes after war is declared, you can finally launch an attack. This gives your target some time to react.

Alliance Battles/Mega Mine/Throne Wars
Above we described basic World Map gameplay. Attacking monsters, gathering resources… it’s actually quite harmonious and pleasant. Especially compared to the intense, cutthroat alliance-based gameplay of Alliance Battles, Mega Mines, and Throne Wars.

1. World Map Alliance Battles

Battles between alliances aren’t really a special kind of gameplay, but rather a naturally occurring phenomenon between players. Friction develops between two alliances, or they just plain don’t like each other, and before you know it, a full-on battle has broken out between them. In times like these, there’s only one thing you can do: fight!

2. Mega Mine Battles
Mega Mines are special areas on the map that put alliances front and center. When your alliance reaches Lv 3, it can unlock Mega Mines.
(1) Alliances get a tech level buff for occupying Mega Mines which will raise the levels of all the tech in your Academy by a certain amount, providing a good boost in battle power.
(2) In addition, you will get a certain amount of resources daily as a reward.
(3) All alliance members will also get a mining buff, increasing the rate that your troops gather resources in mines.

When an alliance defeats the guardians of a Mega Mine, that alliance occupies the mine and will receive the above 3 buffs/rewards. The occupying alliance can relocate near the Mega Mine. By taking up all the available spaces near the mine, they can effectively prevent other players from moving near the mine and making a sneak attack on it.
Players can garrison a Mega Mine for up to 18 hours, after which they have to swap out with another player, so allies have to remember to change their Mega Mine guards regularly. Alliances can only enjoy Mega Mine buffs from up to 3 highest level Mega Mines, so occupying more than three doesn’t really do anything. 3 is plenty.

3. Throne Wars
The above two examples are still just events limited to individual kingdoms and individual alliances, but Throne Wars is a huge, whole-server event, so it’s only held once every 14 days and lasts for 24 hours.

The World Ruler’s Throne is located in the exact center of the World Map and is surrounded by 4 Magic Towers in each direction. During the 24 hours of the event, the alliance that occupies the Throne for the longest total time (does not have to be consecutive) will be declared the final winner. The winning alliance then receives the right to name the World Ruler, who in turn gets all kinds of special privileges which he or she retains for 14 days. These privileges allow the Ruler to reward his or her closest friends and allies and also make life a little tough for those who have incurred the Ruler’s disfavor.

The World Ruler can set policies such as increasing the resource output for a certain type of mine, setting double drops for a certain kind of soulstone, and banning whomever he or she chooses from chatting in World Chat for a set amount of time. The Ruler can also dole out gifts to allies and confer special statuses upon them.
As a result, winning Throne Wars and becoming World Ruler is a huge motivating factor for players. After the arrival of Throne Wars, all the strongest players started leading super-alliances to vie for victory, but then the crafty devs made a rule that 3 alliances can form up into a Union to take on these super alliances. So now Throne Wars is even more complicated and interesting than ever…

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