Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Upcomming Update Released on 19.sep.2016

Hero Changes:
1. New Hero: Paganini
Role: Mid row Mage. Disables, puts enemies to sleep, and steals energy.
Ultimate: Dreamland - Exiles an enemy to Dreamland during which the enemy cannot take action nor receive attacks. When over, one hit of damage is dealt.
Green: Lullaby - Lulls enemies within a large area around him to sleep, during which they can still take damage, but enemies will wake up after being attacked.
Blue: Nightmare - Reduces the energy of 2 random enemies and deals damage. If in a sleep state, the enemy will also receive a "Torpor" effect. This skill targets enemies in a sleep state first.
Passive: Torpor - Periodically casts a Torpor effect on surrounding enemies, taking away some of the energy they gain and evenly distributing it among allied heroes. Opposing Torpor effects will not affect each other.

2. Little Red
Ultimate Reworked: Mortar-fied - Little Red's ultimate form, she barrages an enemy with multiple mortar rounds, also dealing small splash damage to surrounding enemies. Overall damage increased.

3. Merlynn
Blue Skill: Elven Summons – Raised magic lifesteal for each summoned creature. Reduced amount of time creatures stay. Removed the effect that lowered
the amount of AoE damage the creatures received.As a support for magic-based lineups, Merlynn’s strength is providing magic lifesteal for her team, but the slow and steady approach doesn’t quite have the life-saving effects that one would hope, so we’ve decided to give her a bigger burst of lifesteal and shorten the duration of the spell to make her more playable.

4. Pandarus
Ultimate Reworked: Spirit Arrow: Fires a spirit arrow which, after hitting its target, will release spirits in all directions, dealing damage to enemies.

5. Coco
Green: Acheron Whirl: Improved the trajectory of her projectile to increase attack range.

6. Ruby
Ultimate Renamed: Particle Pulse. No change to skill effect.

Update Content:
1. Magic Squares Improvements:
a) Added notice when attacked.
b) Added numbers to squares to make it easier to refer to them.
c) Added a captain icon so that it’s easy to recognize who is the captain from the list page.
d) Added a button to view squares in the Magic Squares main page so that players can look up info quickly.
e) Added Log related info.
f) Improved the responsiveness of some buttons.

2. Urgent Alliance Messages
a) We’ve discovered that alliance leaders sometimes have urgent messages that they need to send out to their members, but those messages often get lost among other messages in a player’s mailbox. So, we’ve created a function that allows leaders to send “sticky” messages that will be posted to the top of the mailbox for a limited time.
b) To prevent this feature from being abused, sending “sticky” messages will cost diamonds.
3. Players can now view the update announcement at the login screen when the game is updating.
4. Removed the Arena cooldown clock when Arena starts back up after a server merger.
5. Talents a) Added a Captain Skill handbook to the Talents page so it’s easier to look up all the Captain Skills and which heroes can learn them.
6. Added a new stage to War Guardian.
7. Added a castle skin when players reach Lv 90.

1. Improved lag on the World Map from having too many airships flying around.
2. Slightly adjusted recommended power for Ancient Ruins.
3. Players can now receive a push notification upon completion of Alliance Turf building so that they can give new orders to their troops.
4. Improved the display of rankings in the Alliance Turf page.

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