Friday, January 27, 2017

Rune Core System TIPS

There are 5 rune cores per hero. The first one is unlocked for all heros. Unlocking more rune cores requires 4 different crystals. The crystals come from blessing your troops for sky city boss fight or achieving milestone damage amounts for each boss. The milestone damages needed are quite high. The most likely source of crystals will be from blessing troops because both gold and diamond blessing yield crystals.

Upgrading each rune core requires runes, gold, and sky city items. Grey runes will be most likely used because everyone has an abundance of grey runes. The bottle neck is sky city items. You can get them from sky city shop or other markets. Sky city items costs sky city rewards from boss fights, but you can buy them for gems from the other markets.
Your rune cores begin at low quality. When you unlock 3 rune cores and upgrade them to +3, you can advance all runes to mid quality (for that hero) for free. The next tier requires 4 rune cores at +6. If that trend continues (I will find out tonight), the next tier will require 5 rune cores at +9. Advancing the quality of rune cores increase the stat bonuses. Each rune core has 4 stats. Those stats are different for each rune core and each hero. It seems every stat is available in the rune core system (e.g., ap, ad, health, mr, ar, dodge, hit, crit, ar pen, magic pen).

Finally, each rune can be a certain element. There are 4 elements. The elemental type boosts a specific stat for a particular rune core. For example, one rune core may give health with a red mark next to health. This means if that rune core has red element active (I am guess that element is fire), you get a 10% increase to the health bonus from that rune core. If you have 2 rune cores with the same element, the bonuses increases to 30% (and 3 rune cores with same element is 50%). When 3 rune cores have the same element, your hero gets that elemental type. I have no clue what this does yet.

Overall, do not spend gems buying the sky city items. It cost me 7600 gems to get one hero to +9 rune core for a single rune core and +6 for another one with a couple more +3. Gems are best spent blessing your heros for sky city boss fight. The blessings will increase your damage and increase the number of rewards you get for the damage you do. I did max blessing (around 2k diamonds). I am getting close to triple rewards plus I got enough crystals to unlock 5 rune cores for 2 heros and 3 rune cores on an additional hero. The rewards I get from sky city would have cost at least 10k gem, because I am in 3rd place. That is all the information I have for now. Good luck everyone and happy holidays.

Just a question, when you upgrade 3 rune cores (out of 5) to +3 and you advance, will you be able to upgrade the other 2 rune cores you have not touched? Or are they 'locked in'? I am asking because I definitely do not want to end up in a situation where I advanced to the next tier and cannot get the upgrade bonuses for the other 2 rune cores
All runes get advanced. I just got my rewards, so a bit more information to pass along. Rune cores max out at +10 and can be advanced 3 times. The final advance requires all 5 rune cores at +10. So, the advance requirements are as follows: low to mid is 3 runes at +3, mid to advanced is 4 runes at +6, and advanced to ultimate is all 5 runes at +10. Advancing upgrades all runes to next quality.

When enhacing from 4 to 5 or up, can the color be changed or can you only change it using the 20 dias option?
Another question xd, if it can be change by simple enhancing beyond lv3, is it at a very low rate, i mean, is it doable to even try to get the color comb you like by just enhancing?
Each time you press enhance button color can be changed, you can even lose it

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