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Hey everyone,
before i start, i'd like to thank Kexboi and awegust (Noi) for getting me the data i was missing. Me, im a VIP10 at Merger85 Called Hearty Jesse. Look me up if you have any questions. I will be deviding this guide in 3 parts, a FAQ for Sky city, a FAQ for Runes Cores and lastly, Math and Theory. It will not go into boss battles.

FAQ Sky City:
When does Sky City unlock?
Sky City will be unlocked once there is a player reached level 90 in the server. Then players higher than Lv80 could join the challenge of Sky City.

When is Sky City open?
Sky City will be opened on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be 3 unique Boss in Sky City and each day a different Boss will wait player to challenge.
What do i do in Sky City?
Deal as much damage as you could for the boss, reward will be send based on player's damage rank.
What are the rewards?
Players may get massive Sky Coins in Sky City, and Sky Coins can be used to exchange necessary Rune Core materials.
Do i need to do this?
No, but it is the only place to recieve Sky Coins aside from diamond shops.
What are milestones?
Milestones are little damage achievements based per boss. They start at 1.5mil damage and end at 11mil damage. They give bonus rewards for the rune core system.
What are Blessings?
Blessings increase your hero stats and your rewards by a certain %. You also have a chancefor a Core Key. (see below)
At what rank do i get purple Sky Coins?

FAQ Rune Cores:
When can i use Rune Cores?
Rune Core system will be unlocked at troop level 90, Heroes at Orange and up can unlock Rune Cores and Rune Core Enhancing function.
How do i unlock additional Rune Cores?
Using blessings gives you a chance to recieve a Rune Key. They come in 4 colors and can only unlock a core with that color.
What is the maximum rank for a Rune Core?
The max rank is lvl 10. If you have 5 Rune Cores at lvl 10, you can upgrade them to Ult.
How do i level a Rune Core?
Rune Cores are leveled by using Elemental Dusts, Fragments, Crystals and Gems. These can be bought by Sky Coins in the Sky store, or with gems at the diamond shops.
Which Core should i focus on?
It doesnt matter. Every core is exactly evenly expensive stat wise, as long as you go by promotions. Your left lvl 1 core has 50% of the stats of your middle lvl 1 core, but is also 50% cheaper.
How about donating runes to Level up a core? Does it matter which rune i use?
No. You can give tank runes to your support or AP runes to your AD. It has no influence on your character at all. Its a money drain, nothing more.
Is it expensive?
Well, that varies per player obviously. If you buy all of it with diamonds, it will cost you 43.300 gems PER hero. Gold upgrade costs for all 5 cores costs a total of 40mil. Its not cheap, thats for sure.
What about Core Elements?
Core Elements unlock at Core lvl 3, and give a bonus to the stat having the same color depending on how many Elements of the same color you have. Progress is as follows: 10% -> 30% -> 50% -> 70% -> 100%. You can change the color of the lement buy paying 20 diamonds. It has a chance to give no Core Element.

So what Core element should i use for Hero X?
Besides the obvious 'tank stats for tanks' idea, you should focus on the core most right. The right cores give a lot more stats then the left cores. So if yellow has great stats in core 1,2 and 3 but nothing in core 4 and 5, but green has great stats in core 4 and 5, but nothing in core 1, 2 and 3, its probably best to go for the green Core Element.

Yes, achievements. Dont think i need to explain this.
Explanation by picture
1) your rune cores, 4 of them have the blue core element, one has the red element.
2) The stats it give. In this case, i have 4 blue elements, giving me a 70% bonus on the blue stat for all blue elemental core, but for this core, that would be 0.29% attack speed.
3) click here to switch to change your core element.
4) The donation screen. It DOES NOT matter which rune you donate. At all.

Math and Theory
So, what am i basing all of this on? Personal testing, data from other players and math. Cuz math rocks.
First, I numbered the cores from left to right. Then, i needed to get base values for a single stat. I used health since it is a high number, thus easier to calculate. I noticed that Core 2 had 50% more health then core 1, and core 3 had 100% more health etc etc. This was the same for other stats, and even upgrade costs.
I checked the base health stat of a unleveled core 1, which is 160. Every unleveled core 1 will have 160 health, i havent found a single exception. Since there was a 50% increase each time, the base stat would be 50% of Core 1, thus 80. With this reasoning and data recieved i was able to deduct the base value for health for every lvl and upgrade. See the google document for the values.
Afterwards, i calculated the increase in stats each level, to see which lvl should be upgraded first. As expected, lower levels give more bang for a buck, with the exception of lvl 4. But seeing you need 3 core at 3 to upgrade, its smarter to upgrade 3 cores to 3 first.

How to read the following document:
For core 1, multiply by 2.
For core 2, multiply by 3.
For core 3, multiply by 4.
For core 4, multiply by 5.
And for core 5, multiply by 6.

So what does this all mean?
First of all. The above document didnt reveal anything unexpected. Higher level is better, nothing new there. But what is interesting is the power levels linked to these stats. A fully unlocked but unleveled rune core gives 640 power. ANY rune core. Power values per stat are not dependant on other stats, which is odd. Say you have a tank with 50k hp. You have 2 stats you could increase, health or amor. For simplicity it will be 1k extra health or 100 armor, and the power value of both is exactly the same. Its not, but bear with me. According to the rune core system, 1k extra hp equals exactly the same power to your hero as 100 armor, which obviously is not true. I cant confirm this for any of the other systems, but from what ive seen it seems to be likely. This would mean the power rating you see on your hero is an accumalation of all individual stats, without taking into account of any other stats that hero has.That in turn would give a very biased view on 'how strong' a hero is in comparison to another hero. Example. 2 Heroes, 1 with full power in hp, nothing else and the other with full AD, nothing else. The HP hero cant kill the AD hero because he has no damage, but the AD hero could kill the HP hero since she actually can damage the other hero. But, according to the system, both are equally strong.


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