Friday, June 24, 2016

[Wiklrleaks] Soul Hunter info and an upcoming new World Map mode

Thanks to Eleonoris from Magic Rush Heroes Reddit

I datamined some more info about a new hero and a potential new World Map mode.
New Hero - Soul Hunter
Front row Tank. Physical basic attack. Summons large numbers of monsters to fight for him.
?: Deals damage to enemy units in the area and also devours all Ghouls in the area, recovering HP for himself. 
Wereboar Witch: Summons a Wereboar Witch Doctor with AoE healing abilities to the battle.
Wereboar Shaman: Summons a Wereboar Shaman that can encourage nearby allies and deal AoE damage.
Ghoul Army: Periodically summons lots of Ghouls to the fight.
New World Map mode - Alliance Territory 
The Alliance Territory is a new World Map mode where alliances can set up territories and build buildings with various different uses:
The Citadel - the main castle of your alliance territory
Fortress - a secondary castle in your alliance territory
Soul Exchange
Alliance Tech
Black Market
Strategy Tower
Arrow Tower 
Buildings can be guarded by your troops and gain levels. They can also be attacked and have hit points, similarly to your City Wall.
Not much else is known about this game mode. Soul Exchange sounds promising, and it's been hinted before that this is where you could obtain the Soul Hunter hero.

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