Tuesday, June 28, 2016

‪#‎Noble‬ Heroes: This week’s hero change plans target Chavez, Coco, and Gerber.

‪#‎Noble‬ Heroes:
This week’s hero change plans target Chavez, Coco, and Gerber.
1) Supreme! Guard changing to: Chavez casts a spell and becomes invincible for about 2 seconds. While casting the spell, he will create a magic protection circle around himself which will slowly form up over these 2 seconds, causing armor and magic resist for all teammates within the circle to keep going up. Once the circle reaches its max size, it will remain for a little while and then disappear. Chavez will heal according to 50% of all damage taken by teammates in the circle (before armor/resist mitigation).
2) Supreme! Chop changing to: Deals magic damage to all nearby enemies.
3) Supreme! Charge changing to: Teleports behind a target enemy and stuns him/her.
4) Supreme! Strike changing to: This will add a mark to a target. While the mark is there, each time the target takes damage, it will regen some HP for Chavez.
We’ve added some HP regen ability for Chavez, but the amount he can regen depends very much on the timing of his skill casts. We hope that these changes will make him more controllable. In Island Crusade or Crystal Dungeon, you should be able to time his ultimates and use his passive skill to help him regen health.
1) Charm Release changed to: Summons two phantoms a certain distance behind the target which rapidly deal lots of attacks on the target. These attacks will randomly ricochet (note: there must be other enemies in the area for attacks to ricochet). Phantoms will attack independently and cannot be interrupted.
2) Acheron Whirl changed to: Now flies in an arc (bigger attack range) and not in a straight line.
3) Magic Bullet changed to: Will now buff the team’s attack damage and ability power for a certain period of time.
We slightly enhanced Coco’s AoE damage ability and gave her ultimate the strategic component of having to select a target. Her former ultimate will become a secondary skill, making it necessary for her teammates to work with her skills when casting ultimate. These changes will make her more playable in PVE mode and keep her strength in PVP the same.
1) Soul Torment changed to: Immediately deals damage to the enemy and summons a mirror image of the target, but the summoned mirror image’s HP and attack power will be lowered.
2) Soul Strike changed to: Deals damage to targets in a straight line in front of him.
3) Iron Hammer changed to Deflection Armor: After cast, it will deflect the next three skill attacks, dealing deflected damage back at a certain percentage of damage received plus damage provided by the skill.
Do you have any thoughts about the above hero change proposals? Speak your mind in the comments below! Your feedback is our biggest motivation for improving!

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