Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New update - 04.07.16

Hero Changes
1. Grunk:
a) Bum Rush – This skill has been revised so that he burrows
underground to the targeted location, dealing damage to enemies along the way, and when he pops back up he knocks back the enemy and deals extra damage, and gets a damage-absorbing shield.
b) Earth Shock changed to Forest Friend - Summons animals of the forest to deal AoE damage to the enemy, also lowering their movement speed.
2. Jacob:
a) Bloody Raid changed to Phantom Rush - Summons two phantom clones to him to deal 4 hits of magic dmg to enemies, who become immobilized & knocked airborne by the final hit. Clones attack enemies near Jacob & set off his lifesteal effect.
3. Pandarus:Improved the animation special effects of his Poison Snare skill.

Update Content:
1. To ensure that battles are more clear and viewable, we’ve shrunk the overall size of characters and UI in head-to-head type battles (Campaign, Crystal Dungeon, etc.). Backgrounds will not change.
2. Slightly adjusted the difficulty level of late Crusade stages.
3. Lowered the amount of resources stored in Lv 1/2/3 World Map mines so that they can be completely mined in 3/6/8 hours respectively.
4. Server-wide Shadow Essence War launched:
a) Will launch on servers that have been online for 30 days or more.
b) Opens every Wednesday and Sunday at 05:00, 11:00, & 18:00 server time.
c) A large amount of Shadow Mines will appear in the central Mystery Land part of the World Map. These mines can be mined together with an ally. Mining with a partner will yield extra Shadow Essence for both players.
d) Only players who have joined an alliance can mine these Shadow Mines.
e) On each event day, every player has 2 chances to steal a Shadow Mine from another player and loot the resources that player was mining.
f) These mines aren’t affected by VIP level or Mega Mine speed up buffs.
g) Each mine contains a limited amount of resources.

1. When a Double Rune event is launched, players can see which heroes use these runes in the Events page.
2. Slightly raised the drop rate of purple runes in Campaign stages.
3. Added a notification about cooldown time for players who received statuses from Throne Wars.
4. Can view the number of times a player has received a reward from Alliance Wars.
5. Slightly improved the red font for rune fragments.
6. Added a second confirmation button for diamond relocations.
7. Improved the means of getting keys in Abyss Treasure.
8. When a Mega Mine is stolen, players can view the attackers name card.
9. Added information regarding Silver and Gold stars to the Breakout rules.
10. Added a notice about the daily 30 stamina limit for claiming stamina from friends.11. Slightly improved the Dragon Prayer page.


  1. I want to delete my magic rush account but I don't know