Saturday, July 2, 2016

Deleting my account cause merger 501

Hi support,

please help me with upcomming merger 501.

I have 2 accounts both with more than 9000
diamonds and both are troop
level 90 that means I am playing more than year. I have problem with
un/binding account, I dont want to lose 1. I am playing from the beginning
the game.

Can you help me ? I have 1 ID on both merger :(

My information:

1. account - Merger 1 - CHAO - ID299876 - bind on
2. account - Merger 2 - chao009 - ID299876 - bind on same but i want to

PS: I was writing with your staff but honestly I dont want compesation, I
want my account both ! You can give me in compensation Heroes and Time that
I have on that account, both account are lvl 90 with top rank 300 in arena
and I am recording all things on youtube. Cannot you same rebind these
accounts or something.

Thank you very much for help and fast reply.
WIth regards



Hi friend, if these two accounts in the same id, sorry they can't be separated to different bound accounts.


Dear hero
you just can keep one account ,we will make a compensation to you ,not worry about it ,thank you

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