Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Island Crusade Tips

Island Crusade has a total of 10 stages to pass, and the rewards get better as you go along, but the difficulty also increases. Luckily, there’s all kinds of things we can do to help us get through.

1. Just passing all the stages with only one team is no easy feat, so we could use a strategy of training lots of heroes and get through via sheer force of numbers. The tanks take the brunt of the damage in Crusades, so if you don’t have a crack squad of 5 unstoppable heroes, then train a lot of tanks.

2. In the easier early stages, sub in some damager heroes with
big hitting power to let them charge up energy. Then in the later, difficult stages you can use these guys to take out tough opponents.

3. When you get to a tough stage, if your team has taken heavy losses and you’ve still got a lot of stages to go, then you can hit the pause button in the upper right corner and then exit the battle, thereby canceling the results of that battle and getting a fresh start. Remember, you have to hit that button before all your heroes die, or else the result will be final. Once you’ve exited, you can tap on the stage again to start fresh.

If your troops took a lot of damage, tap pause in the upper right corner and exit the battle.

Also, if you mess up firing a skill or don’t have the right lineup and getting your butt kicked as a result, you can use this trick to effectively hit the reset button. After exiting, you can figure out what heroes you need to put in or what you can do differently to win, and then go in there and try again. And you can keep doing it until you’re sure you can pass the stage successfully.

4. Sometimes, no matter what we do, no matter what heroes we throw out there, we just can’t get past some stages. That’s when you gotta send in a suicide squad. Use some substitute heroes that already have their ultimates charged up from before or other unimportant heroes instead of your main squad. They’ll definitely all perish, but not before they’ve softened up the enemy for you. Now you can try sending in your main team of heroes to mop up what’s left of the enemy. Of course, this kind of gambit should be reserved for around stage 7 or later, because nobody has enough heroes to pull this off more than two or three times.

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