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Crystal Dungeon Strategy Guide

The Crystal Dungeon is probably has the least restrictions of all the different mini-games in Magic Rush. It doesn’t cost stamina like Campaign, and it doesn’t not reset your heroes’ health and energy after a battle like in Crusades. As long as you’re over Troop Lv 22, you can go at as much as you want. The equipment and shadow essence you get from here can be used to strengthen your heroes, so when you’ve run out of stamina, you might as well spend your time taking on the Dungeon.

You can choose 10 heroes to fight with, 5 starters and 5 substitutes. VIP players can added in more substitutes depending on how high their VIP level is. You can add one extra substitute hero at VIP 5/7/9/11/13 for a total of 10 substitutes maximum. Each time one of your starters dies in battle, a substitute hero will immediately take his/her place. In one battle you have 5 substitution chances.

Hero Selection
There’s a lot of options for your big 10-hero lineup. For early
Crystal Dungeon layers, you just need 2-4 heroes of various positions with maxed out levels/stars to pass. But in later layers the difficulty gets cranked up quite a bit, although if you have legendary heroes it’s easier. The must-have heroes for Crystal Dungeon are pretty much the same as for Campaign and Arena, and below are my recommendations.

Normal Heroes: Jacob, Seeley, Pulan, Yuan. Legendary: Charon, Saizo, Shadow Assassin, Monkey King.

Normal: Alma, Blaine, Karna, Emily. Legendary: Thanos, Dark Saint.

Coco, Pandarus, Ruby, Mira, Russel, Grunk

Sebastian, Murphy, Muse, Aurai

You should be pretty familiar with the above heroes. After all, they’re the most commonly used. It doesn’t really matter too much which heroes you choose for the early rounds of Crystal Dungeon, just put in whoever is high level and worry about putting together a truly strong team second. In later stages, you need to get more strategic with your lineup choices, and if you have any legendary heroes, definitely put them in.

Fight Strategy
You can choose lots of heroes for Crystal Dungeon, so which ones you choose isn’t the problem. The problem is how to order your lineup. Each layer of enemies is different, so we have to make adjustments accordingly.

1. First Recon the Enemy
The enemy is different for each layer, both in terms of heroes and little monster baddies. The heroes have the same skills and attributes as the ones available to you, and their are 13 different monsters total, each type with its own particular skills and attributes.

High Magic Resist: Goblin Scout, Stone Shield
Decent Magic Resist: Crystal Frost Banshee, Armor Mage, Wereboar Shaman, Crystal Death Rider
Decent Phys Armor: Crystal Death Rider, Stone Shield, Minotaur
No Resist/Armor: Siege Cannon, Catapult, Blade Thrower, Harpooner, Apprentice Mage, Crystal Plagueling

These are the attributes of all the monsters in Crystal Dungeon. On the whole, there are more magic resist monsters than anything, so when you’re choosing your lineup, if you see that there are a lot of high magic resist monsters, then choosing physical heroes would be better.
You also have to consider the attributes of the enemy heroes. If a layer has someone like Charon with dodge and armor and magic resist, then it’s probably better to choose a magic-based team. When you’re selecting your team, you have to consider the overall make-up of the enemies you’re facing.

2. Target Kill Order
Prioritize Your Kills
The key thing to keep in mind when trying to pass Dungeon layers is to take care of the enemy’s key units as fast as possible to cut down their numbers quickly. This will cut your own losses a lot (not to mention the kill energy bonus). So how do we determine the enemy’s key units?

① Healer Monster and Heroes
For example, a defense mage that can give his teammate a shield.Prioritize these.

② High Damage/Nasty Skill But Squishy Heroes
Ex, Alma, Mira, Karna, etc. These kind of mage/marksmen/cannon types. They do lots of damage, but they’re soft.

③ Summoners
Ex. Emily, Death Rider, etc. You need to get them out of the way, otherwise they’ll just keep throwing more and more minions at you.

So, in order to effectively take out these key target, AoE attacks are clearly pretty important. Someone like Saizo, even though he does a lot of damage, wouldn’t be the most effective because his ultimate doesn’t reach the back row. On the other hand, Blaine or Alma would be good choices. If the enemy’s back row has high magic resist, then send in Grunk, Yuan, Spartacus or other heroes that can rush the back row.

Who to Kill Last
Some heroes and monsters are really tough, and there’s just no way your going to be able to get them out of the way quickly, so don’t waste your attacks on them. Knock out the other enemies on their team first, and then go back to them. These types include Stone Shield, Minotaur, and tank heroes.

Moreover, there are some monsters that give you a debuff after they’re killed like Crystal Plagueling (the spiders). Hold off on killing these.

3. Some Tips
① When the enemy has a really meaty unit in their front row like Stone Shield, select heroes that can directly attack the enemy back row. After dispatching the back row, then you can concentrate on Stone Shield.

② Each layer has two rounds, so at least take one healer for your team.

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