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Island Crusade Strategy: Hero Lineups

There’s a total of 10 stages to pass in Island Crusade, and the farther in you go, the better the rewards, but the higher the difficulty. And in the process, your HP won’t regen back to full when you enter the next stage, so the most important thing in this long, drawn-out campaign is getting HP regen!

Because you don’t get an HP boost after passing stages, all your injured heroes will have to lick their own wounds, so you’ve definitely gotta have some healers on your team.

So let’s take a look at what Healer and Regen heroes there are out there:

Tanks: Uther, Shadow Assassin, Saizo, Jacob (strong lifesteal)

Mages: Blaine, Karas

Supports: Muse, Aurai, Murphy

Next, there are some heroes with Control, Speed Up, and Summoning skills that work well in Crusade.

Tanks: Pulan, Seeley (control), Purple Gerber (Ultimate summons slain enemy, 4th skill gives self shield)

Mages: Alma (summons), Emily (summons)

Marksmen/Cannos: Coco (speed up buff)

Supports: Sebastian (speed up)

Finally, some heavy-hitting heroes could also find a spot in our Crusades list. They can gather energy in the easier beginning stages and then unleash it on the harder enemies in the later ones.

For example, Mages like Baggins, Karna, Thanos, Dark Saint; Marksmen like Jolie or other high DPS heroes. This is just off the top of my head...

Now then, who are the best Crusades heroes? I’ll give you guys my recommendations.

Saizo, Jacob, Shadow Assassin

The best tank of course is Saizo. With his high damage output, regen capabilities, and the period of invincibility when he’s using his second skill “Blade Runner,” it’s like he was born for the Crusades. If you don’t have Saizo, then the next best thing is Jacob. As far as Shadow Assassin goes, 1) He’s a Soulstone Wish hero, so it’s not like everyone can just get him. 2) He might be able to regen some HP off attacks, but at the beginning of the battle he sneaks up on the enemy’s rear and kinda leaves his own back row in the lurch. But then again, if you’ve got a secondary Tank in the lineup, then Shadow Assassin is still pretty good.

Honorable Mention:
If you don’t have the above tanks, or you need a substitute, then go with Uther, then Seeley or Pulan.

These is basically a choice that comes down to which hero does the most damage, but a pure damage hero is not the best fit! You should look for a hero that can help his/her team resist the enemy’s attacks as well.

Recommended Hero: Emily!
Emily’s mechanical pet will stun enemies and draw their fire away from your team, so it’s a very effective skill to have. Aside from her pet, Emily has pretty good firepower of her own, so she’s far and away the best choice for a Crusades damager.

Next is Blaine. He’s got lifesteal to keep himself on his feet, and an AoE Silence + Damage, all very useful in any situation.

Alma is also a great choice. Her AoE damage + knock up makes her a decent control/damager hero. Most importantly is that she can summon 3 ghosts who will disrupt the enemy’s formation, and absorb attacks from them. It might not be as effective as Emily’s, but this is just one of her auto skills and not her ultimate.
Other damagers like Coco, Karna, Baggins, etc can serve as substitutes.


In Crusades, the best support has gotta be Aurai. Muse might be the queen of the Arena, but her HP regen skill is a directional one, and she sets up closer toward the front, so she can’t heal the whole team, making her a little less than ideal for Crusades.

Muse and Murphy are good substitute supports. Sebastian’s speed up capabilities are always a good addition, because more speed means a faster victory (which means less damage taken). If the enemy has Sebastian in their lineup, then I have to put him in too.

Recommended Crusades Lineups

Jacob + Blaine + Emily + Aurai

These 4 are basically an unbeatable combo, and there’s lots of good 5th choices to round out the team. For strong damage, you could go with Saizo or Alma. For more regen, you could choose Muse. And if the enemy has Sebastian, then you could put Sebastian in too.

Jacob + Aurai + Muse

These 3 heroes will have your front row and tank covered. Match them up with two damager heroes and you could complete Crusade.

Big thanks to West from forum
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