Thursday, August 18, 2016 New Update Incoming! Release on Monday 22-08-16

 Hero Changes:
1. Candy
Candy Twist: Slightly raised shield value.Bitter Taste: After hitting a target, the bitter candy will bounce to another enemy with the lowest HP. The bitter candy will absorb health regen and shield effects from the target. If not enough healing has been absorbed in this amount of time, it will deal damage to the target.
2. Gerber
Soulception: Casting this can now trigger his passive skill Soul Shield.
3. Kong Ming
Green Dragon: Shortened the distance that the dragon casts his taunts. Prioritizes protecting his team's mid and back rows.

Update Content:
1. Alliance Turf
a) Added Turf Build Points ranking board.
b) Improved sequencing rules for Soul Exchange.
c) Added a second confirmation pop-up and warning about cooldown times when relocating Alliance Turf.
2. Captain Skill Changes
a) True Strike: Now also increases basic attack damage for the
whole team.
b) Retribution Totem: Increased damage after leveling up.
c) Boost Totem: Increased damage after leveling up.
3. Players at VIP8 and above will now have a chance of getting discounts for two random runes when refreshing the Market, Black Market, or Mystery Market.
a) Discount rate in the Black Market and Mystery Market will go up at VIP9/12/15.
b) No discounts for gold prices on runes.
4. Players can now use different airships on the World Map that come with their own special abilities.
5. Replaced the Arena Cooldown Clock items in VIP packs.
6. Added 1 map to War Guardian.
7. Removed Gorgana from the Time Traveler shop.

1. The names of the Leader and Elders in Alliance Chat are now more eye-catching.
2. Improved Events Calendar.
3. The Boss in Bonus Stage 9-3 is now immune to knockbacks, knockups, and imprison effects.4. Players can now long-press to continuously upgrade hero skills.
5. Removed the rally troop recall button from the Intel page.
6. Improved Events page performance.
7. Improved warnings of enemy attacks on the World Map.

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