Sunday, August 21, 2016

#MagicGuide - Delphos Strategy Guide

#MagicGuide - Delphos Strategy Guide

1. Hero Role
Delphos is a mid row magic damage DPS, with fairly high single target damage, strong burst damage, but who is really reliant on the rest of the team. His passive skill deals extra damage when one of his skills hits a target, so obviously he’s a great counter when encountering a solo-tank opposition. His other skills are all skills that damagethe enemy front row, with no mid or back row abilities.

2. Equipment Skills
As a mid row AP burst hero,
his strongest equipment skill will probably be his 7th equipment “Savior Stick”, enhancing his ability to take down single enemy targets instantly. If the opposition has a lot of AoE damage that can hit your mid row, then I think going with the 5th skill, “Scepter of Life” to increase his durability would be a strong choice.

3. Captain Skill
Choosing a Captain Skill that synergizes well with a team’s particular fighting style is like giving a machine gun to a velociraptor. So, for a team built around Delphos, the best Captain Skill is probably “Meteor”, which deals massive damage to the enemy front row, complementing Delpho’s burst kill abilities and killing off the enemy’s tanks before your own front line gets taken out. Before you get Meteor unlocked, Retribution Totem’s single target damage is also a decent option.

4. Team Composition
Delphos is a good counter for solo tank teams, more so as his passive skill gets triggered. For example, against the common Arena lineups on 104 and 113, Delphos is able to unleash his tank-busting abilities, and then the squishy back row is exposed and subsequently mowed down.
As for who to pair him with, Alma and Blaine are good choices to lower the enemy’s magic resistance, and then I’d throw in Thanos for more DPS, as well as activate the Captain Skill “Meteor”. For a tank, Gerber will do, or depending on the enemy’s lineup, you could swap out Alma to run a dual tank setup (against AP lineups, use Jacob or Lorya, against AD lineups, use Pulan or Uther).
Against dual-tank opponents, I don’t really recommend using Delphos, but you could try putting in Sue to knockback one of the opponent’s tanks and then focus your attacks on the other tank.

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