Monday, August 29, 2016

Krash Strategy Guide

The brand new hero Krash will be coming out as the Sign In hero next month, so we’d like to give you all some strategy tips. We hope everyone will be able to enjoy this unique (and free) Sign In hero!

1. Hero Role
Krash is a mid row Support hero with a big attack range, long lasting crowd control ultimate, other skills that tend toward single target damage, and he can lower enemy attack speed. Overall, he’s a CC-oriented Support hero.
His other peculiarity is that his passive skill can make teammates immune to knockups, or at least invincible while being knocked airborne, but there’s also a chance this skill will fail, adding to the length of time his teammates are in the air. Because the chance of the former happening is much higher than the latter, he’s still considered a counter to heroes that rely on knockups.

2. Equipment Skill
As a crowd control Support, being able to cast his ultimate early will give his team a huge advantage, so we recommend going with his 7th piece of equipment “Robert's Gauntlet” for its energy regen effect. If your opponent has a lot of AoE skills that can hit your mid row, then you can also consider “Sebastian Shield” to protect his team a little more.

3. Captain Skill
Krash provides disables for his team, so for a captain skill you could consider damage type captain skills. Depending on specific team composition, one could choose the back-row-hitting “Fireball” or the front row “Meteor”, or they could go with the full field AoE damage “Venom Aura”.

4. Team Composition
Krash is a hero that basically synergizes well with anyone, and most of his strategic effectiveness lies in countering enemy heroes that rely on knock up skills, as well as providing good crowd control for his team. But to make up for the fact that he’s a support with fairly low damage dealing capability, it’s still best to pair him up with high-damage heroes.
If the enemy lineup has a hero/heroes with lots of knock up skills, especially if they have a lineup built around Edwin, then putting Krash in your lineup will neutralize them quite effectively. Of course, Krash’s passive skill has a chance of backfiring from time to time, but the vast majority of the time your heroes will be immune to knock ups or invulnerable while in the air. Anyway, we can confirm that no matter which effect is triggered, an enemy Edwin won’t be able to get off his “Magic Control” unless Krash is taken out of the picture.
Because Krash complements pretty much anyone, when setting your lineup you just need to swap out your normal support hero for him and he should work fine.
Below are some real tests battles (within 5% difference in battle power)

Video Review of New Update & New Hero: Krash

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