Monday, August 29, 2016

Backrow killer combo (for free player)

Yuan, Gearz, Little Red, Lufia, Ruby

First, Gearz will knock back enemy's tank then that tank will stay in behind because of Yuan already in backrow attacking.

Then the midrow hero will be exposed and will be attacked by the rest of team.

Gearz, Lufia, and Ruby is infamous hero for their skill that directly attacking backrow with ease.

Little red is for reducing armor and has same 5th equipment as Ruby.

This team is recommended with high level Lightning equipment for Lufia and Gearz. Min +11

Question & Answers:

What rank can you hold with this team ?
- Top 50-70

I think heroes that can break this team are Gearz Yuan or Smoke and Jacob ?
 - Smoke is out of question, but i don't think so with Jacob, jacob is so vulnerable with physical team.
About Gearz Yuan, after Yuan disappear, enemy Gearz will be vulnerable and easy to defeat

So the key is gearz + yuan, right? 
- Not exactly... the rest of the team complement each other.

What about two tank team enemy? does it work also?  
- Not work. Thats why there are Lufia and Ruby. Even the tank didn't push back, they still can attack backrow

In case enemies use totem yuan gonna stuck attacking totem and their tank back to front.
- Even if there is totem, Gerber still attacking Yuan.

Thanks Samsi Putra for Tip for lineup

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