Monday, August 29, 2016

Spend More, Get More: Shadow Essence Event

Hi guys,

This event is great if you have a lot of patience. Event repeats every month or every 2 month I am not sure. But you get a time to collect Shadow Essence (SE). After last event I decided to save all my SE for next event. I can save without buing SE from shops (only CD and SE for 10k gold and sometimes from Alliance Shop) about near 50k SE. I spend all my SE and from all claimed SE I can easily claim 75k reward and get 17k SE as a bonus.

You have time for upgrading your heroes or change your lineup in this saving time.

You can spend SE on the first day of event cause nothing changes after next day reset.

Spend your SE carefully. If you can have 40-50k its ok, you can spend all SE and Claim all rewards.

If you cant save, think wisely, how much you want to spend for achievement next SE reward, if you can reach it or not.

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