Friday, September 2, 2016

Upcomming: CD 150 (8th equip) and Salman awaken are next

Its from Korean MRH forum, translated from google.

Here are the 10 equipments from google translate slightly more formatted.

1) jade green expanse Equipment Skills: crossfire: A normal attack damage increased their attacks every time. Possible overlap

2) the day of the beginning Equipment Skills: Breaking weaknesses: Identify the use of effects, one enemy weaknesses. Every time the target is attacked, It disappears weaknesses revealed a weakness is revealed, you can inflict damage to the range as much as ever.

3) 10 tons Equipment Skills: The power of literacy: Use, Slide back the target to the caster, inflicting physical damage once.

4) The Blue Medium Armor Equipment Skills: extra heavy armor: his movement speed is decreased, increasing armor and magic resistance and maximum strength.

5) Flame Helmet Equipment Skills: Blood Shield: Achieve Benefits, one shield. After the shield is broken or lost, their stunned silence, The effect of bondage and release, to obtain a large amount of energy. However, the increase in incoming damage for a short time.

6) Ghost Shield Equipment Skills: Hand of Sacrifice: Use effects, protect one ally. Instead, the caster receives the damage that allies receive protection, At the same time, a certain percentage of the incoming damage is reduced.

7) Stick lost luster Equipment Skills: collapse of Magic: Increases the physical damage to the remaining 35% to less than ever.

8) the beginning of the book, Equipment Skills: Ring of Fire to deny: Use, naemyeo pushed around 4 in the direction of his enemies, dealing damage and stun. Cloak of

9) Aha Limousin Equipment Skills: Magic protection: Use, sikimyeo transferred to target a portion of their strength, continue to own over time To regain fitness.

10) also modify pair Equipment Skills: Dual Wield: Use, iphimyeon 3 Superalloy damage, burning mouth was subject ohreumyeo additional damage.

Heroes Awakening - Salman awakening skill
- the end of the storm: "gunggeukgi" will attack enemies in sector increased to three.
Maybe "gunggeukgi" is some form of chain lighting that hits multiple targets instead of one now.

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