Friday, September 2, 2016

[Wiklrleaks] New Hero: Aurora, New Game Mode: Magic Squares, Salman awakening, Orange +2 equipment

Another portion of super secret wiklrleaks about the future update. Some basic info has been already posted elsewhere on the subreddit, but it's been poorly translated. Here's a better version + a preview of a new hero.

New Hero: Aurora
Mid row Support. Physical basic attack. Uses the power of the sun's rays to scorch enemies and encourage allies.

Dawn Ritual: Casts a ray of light that burns enemies. The ray will bounce when it reaches the map's edge, losing 50% damage with each bounce. Bounces up to 2 times.
Solar Flare: Summons a ray of sunlight to hit the nearest enemy and surrounding enemies.
Dancing Ray: Casts a ray at the farthest teammate which will bounce between teammates 5 times, damaging nearby enemies with each bounce.
Sun's Blessing: Aurora's skill will increase attack speed and physical lifesteal for teammate's within its AoE.

New Game Mode: Magic Squares

A new PvP game mode, available for alliances. It will have seasons, just like Alliance Wars.

General information
1. After a server has been open for a certain amount of time, alliances that have unlocked Alliance Turf will be able to take part in Magic Squares. Alliances that have signed up will be matched up with other alliances based on Alliance Turf Build Pts.
2. Magic Squares is divided into 3 phases: Sign Up, Match Up, and Competition.
3. When Magic Squares starts, from Monday 05:00 to Tuesday 04:00 is the Sign Up phase. Only Alliance Leaders and Elders can sign up to play Magic Squares on behalf of their alliances.
4. On Tuesday from 04:00-05:00 is the Match Up phase. Matching up is done automatically, and if a match is not found for an alliance, they will receive a compensation gift.
5. From Tuesday 05:00 to Friday 05:00 is the Competition phase. At the Alliance Spawn Point, players can set their game piece and lineup. After saving their lineup, they can start playing.
6. Each turn costs 1 action point. Two dice are rolled, and one of the pieces is chosen to move. 4 action points are replenished at 05:00, 13:00, and 21:00, and a player can accumulate up to 12 points.
7. Players score points by moving and attacking players of other alliances and receive one Magic Coin for each point received.
8. The alliance with the most total points is the winner and will receive a huge reward. Players toward the top of the individual player rankings will also receive a bonus reward.
9. When the Alliance Flag appears at the spawn point, a team captain can be chosen to bear the flag. The captain will appear on the board and be visible to everyone. The captain will boost the battle power of surrounding allies and receive bonus points for completing a full trip around the board, but if killed, the killer will receive bonus points.

1. Attacks cost 1 action point, and only 1 attack can be held on each space.
2. Attack targets start from the top of the list to the bottom. Each troop a player carries can attack up to 3 troops.
3. Heroes that die in attacks initiated by the player will be restored to 1 pt of HP and can keep moving forward.
4. Players can score points by killing all of another player's troops, and the number of points is determined by the distance from one's own alliance spawn point.
5. Some spaced can be occupied by a troop, and if the space is already occupied by another alliance, then they must be defeated first before the player can occupy it.
6. Troops guarding an occupied square can be recalled at any time. When a player is killed, guarding troops will all return to the alliance spawn point.

Salman's Awakening
Quest: Pass Elite 3-7 with Salman, without any teammates dying.
Awakened Skill: Perfect Storm - Casts 3 fierce wind bombs that attack enemies in a fan shape.

Orange +2 equipment (SCREENS LINK)
Orange +2 equipment is unlocked. You can obtain fragments from CD layers 140 and 150.
Tractor Beam - Active. Makes target move a short distance toward the caster and deals one hit of physical damage.
Exploit -  Active. Finds an enemy's weak spot. When the target receives damage, a layer of weakness will be revealed. A few seconds later, AoE damage will be dealt based on amount of weakness.
Focused Fire - Each attack will increase the hero's basic attack. This effect can stack.
Repulse Ring - Active. Knocks back all enemies within melee range of the hero, dealing damage and stunning them.
Decay Magic - Deals increased damage to enemies with lower than 35% health.
Blessing Magic - Active. Transfers some of the hero's HP to a target ally. Afterwards, the hero will continuously regen HP for a period of time.
Bloodshield - Active. Hero receives a shield which, when broken, will remove any stun, silence, or imprison effects from the hero and give lots of energy. Damage received will also increase for a time.
Overload Armor - Increases max HP based on the hero's armor and magic resist, lasting the whole battle. But at the start of battle, the hero's movement speed will be lowered. Raise 10 HP Per Armor/Magic Resist Pt. Goes Up 4 HP Per Level.
Sacrifice Hand - Active. Protects one teammate. The damage received by this teammate will be redirected to the caster, but this damage will be reduced by a certain percentage.
Dual Wield - Active. Dealing damage within 3 seconds of casting will cause the target to catch fire, dealing extra damage.

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