Monday, September 5, 2016

News from ChaO MRH life.

I have some news for you guys :)

Friend of mine give me his Account VIP 12.
You can look forward to new videos like:
- New daily play
- New heroes reviews: Pearl, Delphos, Edwin.
As you know I have these accounts right now:
- My acc from begin the game - VIP3 lvl 90
- VIP14 acc lvl 90 - only for record updates etc ...
- VIP12 acc lvl 88 - new acc full care

Feel free to ask you anything you need (best via a message in my fan page).

Thank you for your attention, for your watching my videos, for reading my blog and for being Magic Rush Heroes Player.

Btw: If you want to support me below is a link OR just disable adblocker on my blog and of my youtube channel. I invest 0€ for the game, I only spend a lot a time for game and making videos for you. Thank You.

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