Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tower Defense Tips

Tower Defense (TD) is one of the most fun parts of Magic Rush. It’s almost like they perfectly cross-bred two different genres of game, and it really makes adds some variety to the gameplay. I personally am a big fan of TD.

The heroes in TD can basically be divided into two types: melee heroes and ranged heroes. Melee heroes are mostly used to hold up the monsters, and the ranged heroes are used to take them out. Below I’ll discuss some TD strategy in more detail.

1. Tanks are important but limited.
Tanks are important in TD because you need at least one tank in front of your crystal to stop monsters from advancing, but they have some drawbacks:
① Attacks have small AoE.
Can only attack enemies right in front of them.
② Tanks die easily in TD, especially from those spiders that explode after they die. It pretty much just takes 1 to kill a tank, and then that opens the flood gates for the enemy monsters.
So it’s best just to think of tanks as walls to halt the progress of enemies, and the real attackers are the ranged heroes. Therefore, you usually only need 1 tank for a stage. Some stages have the crystal placed in the center where monsters can come from both sides, in which case you need two tanks.
Your choice of tank isn’t too important either. As long as you get one with AoE attack skills, that’s usually fine. When the enemies start piling up, you can cast the tank’s skill to get rid of bunch of them.

2. Ranged Heroes
You usually only need 1 tank, so the rest of your choices should all be ranged heroes. Ranged heroes with AoE attacks or AoE slow-downs are the best kinds.

Most Recommended Hero: Coco!
When you’ve got Coco upgraded twice so she can cast 2 skills, or 3 times so she can cast 3 skills, basically every attack is an AoE attack. Her damage is really high, and you don’t need to manually cast these skills, so Coco is an easy-to-use, “set it and forget it” hero.

Other Recommendations:
Aside from Coco, the basic attack damage of other heroes isn’t very high, so no matter if they’re magic or physical, you have to look at specific skills to see which heroes are most suitable.

Alma, Karna, Thanos, Crabbie, etc. aside from their ultimate all have at least 1 AoE skill. Especially Alma and Karna. Alma’s ghosts can block the progress of monsters, and Karna’s 3rd skill does AoE damage and slow-down.

Marksmen don’t have high basic attack damage in TD either, so it all depends on their skills. Aside from Coco, Pandarus, Jolie, and York all have both AoE attacks and slow-down skills, so I highly recommend them.

The thing about Cannons is that their basic attacks are AoE damage, so they’re all pretty good at TD. I recommend trying to put in 2 or more cannons at a time.

3. More =/= Better. Must Upgrade Heroes.
Setting up heroes and upgrading their quality take gold, and sometimes upgrading a hero is more effective than putting in a new hero. So if you find you don’t have a lot of gold at the start of a battle, you should just put in a few strong heroes and upgrade them so they can cast their 2nd and 3rd skills. Then when you’ve got more gold you can set up some more heroes.

TD is a fairly straightforward mode of play. If you pick the right heroes and push buttons at the right time, you’ll basically have no trouble passing stages. And the recommended heroes above are all not too hard to get either, so I wish you all a good time on those TD stages!

Big thanks to West from forum
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