Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Awakened Hero Team Composition

As more and more heroes awaken, team compositions will get more varied, and some heroes that we haven’t seen much of recently will get new life breathed into them.

Awakened Heroes:
West: Increased Physical Armor Penetration for Kung Fu heroes.

York: Increases Attack Damage for all Lone Dog heroes.

These two heroes both give pretty big buffs to physical teams, so you can get really high damage output from the following lineup. It’s not necessarily effective in Arena, but for Team Raid you can get great results.

Lineup Recommendation:
Team Raid Physical Lineup

Saizo + Smoke + Awakened West + Awakened York + Coco

West’s Kung Fu buff boosts armor pen for himself, Saizo, and Smoke, and York’s Lone Dog buff raises attack damage for himself, West, and Smoke. His passive skill also increases the whole team’s attack damage. And then Coco’s 4th skill lowers the enemy’s armor, so you should get some off the charts damage output from this team, especially in Team Raid. Coco can also be substituted with Little Red since she also has a passive armor debuff, but Coco’s ultimate is still better for the team.

Awakened Hero:

Little Red: Upon dying, fires one last rocket at the enemy, dealing physical damage.

Lineup Recommendation:

Arena Physical Lineup

Monk Sun + Saizo + Awakened West + Coco + Little Red

The #1 on my server currently uses this lineup. Awakened West buffs armor pen, Little Red & Coco reduce armor, Monk Sun does crowd control, and Saizo brings the pain! A very strong lineup. Most mages never even have a chance to cast their ultimates.

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