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War Guardian Walkthrough

War Guardian consists of Normal, Elite, and Legend difficulty levels, and it refreshes once every 3 days with a random map. You can enter a lineup of 14 heroes for each difficulty level, but at the beginning you can only select 3 of those heroes, so who you choose at the beginning is fairly important. Usually it’ll be 1 Tank + 2 DPS or 1 DPS + 2 Tanks.

First, here are my commonly used heroes:
Tanks: Monk Sun, Pulan, Saizo
DPS: Jolie, York, Pandarus, Coco, Alma

There are still some that wouldn’t be my first choice, but just in case all the heroes above aren’t available, I’d choose from these: Gearz, Zoe, Smoke, Thanos, & Karna.

Other heroes are pretty much just used as

Hero Lineup
To be safe, it’s best to put in 2 tanks. For the rest, you need to have AoE damage, slow downs, or crowd control skills, like the commonly used heroes I mentioned above.

Starting 3 Heroes
The 3 heroes I usually start out with are Monk Sun or Pulan and Jolie and York, and in one battle you might put in 5-6 heroes.

Prioritize putting in heroes with AoE and slow-down skills like Jolie, York, Pandarus, etc. And don’t hang too much hopes on your tanks actually dealing much damage, as long as they can do crowd control, that’s enough. Of course, if you have a DPS Tank that’s a deadly as Saizo, then by all means go for it.

First, upgrade Jolie to Lv 2 so that she can cast her AoE slowdown skill, and then if you have enough points, upgrade York to Lv 3 so he can use his smoke bomb, which is also an AoE attack with slow-down. If you don’t have enough points, then wait until you’ve collected enough and at least upgrade him to Lv 2. You don’t usually want or have to upgrade your Tanks at the start. It’s best to wait until they’re about to die and then upgrade them, that way they get fully regenerated.

About Substitute Heroes
You don’t need to send in new heroes as soon as you’re able to, because if they don’t have any skills unlocked, then they’re not much use. You first need to make sure that the heroes you already have on the field are at least upgraded to their 2nd skill, and then you can think about putting in more heroes. You want quality over quantity.

The Last Wave

The last wave is always a big rush of monsters, and so you really need to avoid having too many of those little guys pile up around your tanks, because then they’ll start to slip through. So you have to use heroes with long-range skills, or send other nearby tanks to help out, if you see a tank getting overwhelmed.

Troublesome Monsters

The baddies in War Guardian are just like the baddies in other stages, but skills effects aren’t quite the same. Here are some of the most meddlesome of the monsters in TD stages:

1. Wereboar Witch Doctor
They have strong healing abilities, so if you don’t kill them, then you’re gonna have a hard time taking down the other monsters in their vicinity. But unfortunately, it usually takes more than one ultimate to take these witch doctors down, so if you come across these guys, it’s best to take them out with a one-two punch of two different ultimates, otherwise they might heal themselves back up again and you’d get caught in a vicious cycle.

2. Purple Poison Spiders
The most dastardly thing about these arachnids is that upon dying, they explode and can basically take out your tank in the process. So you got to get to them before they get near your tank, or else your last line of defense will be breached.

3. Fast & Tiny Types (Like Baby Leopards)
They are easy to kill, but they’re also fast, so when a tank is occupied with a lot of enemies, it’s easy for one of them to slip by and reach the crystal. Very annoying.

Other enemies with high physical armor or magic resist can be dealt with. They’ll be hard to take down, but aren’t particularly insidious. Before a battle, just take a look at the main monsters in that stage, and if there’s a prevalence of high armored ones, then use mages. If there more monsters have high magic resist, then get physical. Fight fire with water!

Normal Mode:Normal mode doesn’t impose any restrictions on which heroes you can choose, so who you choose is completely up to your tastes, making it pretty easy. Like in the picture below, you can put 1 tank in the back and then put in DPS heroes for the other slots.

Initial 800 pts: Jolie>Lv 2/York>Lv 3/No upgrade for Monk Sun.

Summoned Pandarus. Level of other heroes hasn’t changed.

Pandarus>Lv 3/Jolie>Lv 3/Summoned Alma

Alma>Lv 3/Summon Coco/Coco>Lv 3

Elite Mode:
You need to at least have 11 heroes for Elite mode, and then when you substitute heroes, you can choose from a pool of 4 randomly selected ones. Actually, one battle really only requires 5-6 heroes, so you don’t need to choose that many when selecting your lineup. 11 is enough. Otherwise, you might get 4 really weak substitute options, which would be a real tragedy.

Initial 650 pts: Jolie>Lv 1/York&Monk Sun>Lv 0

York & Jolie>Lv 2/Monk Sun>Lv 0/Summon Alma

York & Jolie>Lv 3/Alma> Lv 3/Summon Coco

And you can use this formation to pass the stage.

Legend Mode:
In Legend Mode, you need 14 heroes to enter. You can only choose 1 out of 2 random heroes for substitutes, so this will test the depth of your roster. If your lineup isn’t deep and your luck isn’t good, then you’re gonna have to make some tough choices. And there are buffs for the monsters and debuffs for your team, so it’s a lot harder going than Normal or Elite stages.

From the initial 360 pts, bring Jolie to Lv 1 and leave Monk Sun at 0, and don’t bring on York yet. Wait until Jolie is at Lv 2 and then bring on York. Then upgrade York to Lv 3.

When York is Lv 3, Jolie is Lv 2 and Monk Sun is Lv 1 (upgraded to regen when about to die), summon Pandarus.

With Pandarus at Lv 3 and Jolie at Lv 3, summon Theresa. Upgrade her to Lv 3 and pass the stage this way.

This stage isn’t very hard because there aren’t a lot of Wereboar Witch Doctors, but there are some Soul Hunters who give shields to all the little monsters.

Coincidentally, my Elite stage and Legend stage were the same map, so I was able to get a good comparison. The starting points you get for Legend stages are really low, so you have to be flexible. But my main heroes and main strategy never changed, so I hope that this is helpful to everyone. Also, some stages have 2 roads, so you probably want to put 2 tanks in your initial lineup to block enemies. This is because there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to choose a tank from your substitute options. The rest of the strategy pretty much doesn’t change.

Big thanks to West from forum
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