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What Are Legendary Heroes and How Do I Get Them?

The legendary heroes of Magic Rush are obtained from a couple of different areas. The most common place to pick up a legend is the shops. Gerber soulstones can be bought in Abyssal Treasure's shop and Thanos's soulstones can be bought in the Arena's shop. Then we have event only legends that can only be obtained as rewards from events for either getting lucky or spending enough diamonds in them. These heroes are currently Saizo, Robin, and Rams. Note: Any legend can appear in events, and not every event has a legend tied to it.

The third and fourth locations to get legends are tied together. This is where we will focus this guide. They are Soulstone Wish and Soulstone Shop. Soulstone Wish and Soulstone Shop are VIP 8 features that are accessed from the wishing pool.

Once you venture into the wishing pool your screen will look similar to the following. From here we have a few options. We can enter the shop or try our luck on the wishing pool itself.

Lets start with the wishing pool. For 400 diamonds you can purchase 6 chests that will contain an assortment of soulstones, experience elixirs, and gold items. At VIP 12 you unlock a x10 wish function for the wishing pool which allows you to spend 4,000 diamonds in one go instead of having to do it 10 times. It doesn't offer any discounts or increase your luck at all, it is simply there as a time saver. To be very clear, it is NOT possible to get a full hero from the wishing pool. You can only get soulstones which means investing in a legend is a time consuming adventure or a large sum of diamonds since every legend requires 80 stones to summon at 3 stars.

The items you can get stay the same however the normal hero soulstones change daily and the legendary soulstones change weekly on Saturday. Currently the available legends from the wishing pool are Ariel, Theresa, Smoke, Charon, Lilith, and Edwin. Here are some example images.

These are the items available from soulstone wish.

Here is an example of heroes available.

And finally we have a quick snap of what it looked like to open the 6 chests. I didn't display the reward, just got a snap of the animation.

Now lets move onto Soulstone Shop. The shop's legendary heroes change every day and currently there are three available here. Monk Sun, Gerber, and Thanos. This is the most reliable way to get a legend aside from abyss or arena because you will get a fixed 3 stones per purchase if you select them. There is no luck involved in getting them here, just the cost. To get one of these legends to five stars it will cost you 33,000 diamonds if you only get their stones from this shop and you only purchase them, not one of the other options.

Other options? Yes the shop contains more than just legend stones, it also houses stones for other heroes and various other items that change every refresh. The more items you select, the higher your discount price will be.

1 Item - 0% Discount
2 Items - 10% Discount
3 Items - 20% Discount
4 Items - 40% Discount

Here is an image example.

You get free refreshes depending on your VIP level each day. After that they will cost you diamonds. Here is a list of how many refreshes you get per level each day.

VIP 8 - 1 Free Refresh
VIP 9 - 1 Free Refresh
VIP 10 - 2 Free Refreshes
VIP 11 - 2 Free Refreshes
VIP 12 - 3 Free Refreshes
VIP 13 - 3 Free Refreshes
VIP 14 - 4 Free Refreshes
VIP 15 - 6 Free Refreshes

Hopefully this guide answers a few questions for people but if you have any more please feel free to ask.

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