Saturday, October 1, 2016

New UPCOMMING Update - Released on Monday 03.oct.2016

Hero Changes:
1. Hero Awakening: Jacob, as voted by players on Facebook.
Awaken Skill: When HP falls to 30%, Survival Instinct will kick in, immediately raising attack speed drastically as well as greatly increasing the hero's physical and magic lifesteal, lasting for the next 3 attacks or skill casts.
2. Luke Redesign:
Role: Mid row Cannon. Healer counter.
Ultimate: Torpedo Barrage - From mid air, fires several barrages of torpedoes in a specified direction, dealing AoE physical damage. Healing for targets who receive damage will be cut in half for 20s (does not stack).
Green: Glycerin Bomb - Fires a glycerin bomb at an enemy, dealing physical damage and setting the target on fire, causing sustained damage.
Blue: Guided Missile - Fires a super-long range guided missile, dealing AoE damage to the farthest enemy target and cutting healing in half for that target (does not stack).
Passive: His weapons are improved, increasing his attack damage and enabling him to cut healing in half for targets who are hit by his basic attack (does not stack).
3. Rams:

Green: Scarab Rush – Lowered amount of HP spent to 5% of current HP (down from 20%).
Blue: Evil Offering - Spends 5% of current health, causing all Scarabs to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies and summoning 2 more scarabs to appear beside them. (Summoned creature stats grow with hero's.)
Passive: Sandstone Wall - Each Scarab attack will add another shield to Rams. Can stack.
4. West:
Green Skill changed to: Scatter Shot - Fires an arrow which breaks into countless smaller arrows after hitting the target, dealing multiple hits of damage to surrounding enemies.
Blue Skill changed to: Energy Chaser - Teleports to another position and deals physical damage to a straight line of enemies.
5. Paganini:
Added to the “Death Rock” hero group. Who says violins can’t rock?
Positioning Tweak: When his team has 3 mid row heroes, Paganini's positioning will change.
Attack Sequence Change: Lullaby and Nightmare will cast after 2 basic attacks.
We discovered that Paganini's effectiveness can be really uneven in different lineups. In some lineups, his 2nd skill Lullaby is too easily disrupted by a teammate's skill, and in other lineups it disables the other team's heroes excessively. Therefore, we've adjusted the timing of when this skill is cast in the hopes that Paganini will pair well with more heroes.

6. Bauer:
Added Bauer to player avatars.

Hero Bug Fixes:
1. Little Red:
Blue Skill Caltrops: Bug fixed. This skill can now effectively hit enemy mid row targets.
2. Pandarus
Ultimate: Fixed a problem with incorrect positioning of the spirit triggered by this ultimate.

Update Content:
1. Magic Squares
a) More noticeable sign up and start notices on the main page.
b) Time remaining for buffs is now viewable.
c) Players can view how many intercept points they have on intercept squares.
d) Avatars that appear on the board are now chosen by players, not just a common one for all of them.
e) Added a log for item cards received.
f) Added a face off display for the first time the board is entered.
g) Replaced some buff icons.

2. When attacked by other players on the World Map, if I’m in the middle of Campaign, Crystal Dungeon, Crusades, etc., a message will display on screen notifying the player of the attack.
a) This feature can be turned on or off in Settings.

3. Throne Wars
a) Magic Tower emails can be toggled on or off in the Settings menu.
b) Improved the display of the change log for Magic Towers, and now players can scroll left or right to switch between the Throne and the 4 Magic Towers.

1. Added a 2nd confirmation when using diamonds to speed up marching time.
2. Recommended opponents for Arena and Hero Brawl will not exceed the player’s power level to too much.
3. Improved the location of the Mega Mine cooldown display to keep it from getting covered up.

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