Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New UPCOMMING Update - Released on Monday 17.oct.2016

Hero Changes:
1. Pulan
Green Skill: Frost Strike – Will greatly lower the dodge rate of the first enemy it strikes at the start of battle.
Passive: Shield of Pain – Increases his own armor and lowers Dodge for the whole enemy team.
As a snowman who uses frost magic and bone-chilling cold to slow down enemies, it makes sense that it should lower Dodge as well. We hope this adjustment turn Pulan into an effective counter against heroes who rely on dodging attacks to get by.
2. Thanos
Passive Reworked As – Flaming Pumpkin: Summons a Halloween pumpkin which bounces and crashes into the enemy, dealing magic damage.
Thanos is a DPS mage with strong AoE damage skills, something that his former single-target burning passive effect did not align with, so we decided to give him more AoE damage with an explosive pumpkin.
3. York
Green Skill Reworked As: Flame Thrower: Spews flame at a enemies in a conical area in front of him, dealing multiple hits of damage.

4. Karna
Ultimate: Magic Flash – Improved animation effects.
Blue Skill: Magic Halo – Improved animation effects.
5. Gridlock
Bug Fix – This bug stopped Gridlock from being immune to Silences after being resurrected by Sebastian.
6. Bauer
Fixed the error showing Bauer to be in the mid row in the hero line-up interface. Now Bauer is shown correctly to be positioned in the back row.
7. Vortex
Fixed the problem with the Armor Penetration attribute showing in the hero advancement page. It is now Magic Penetration.
8. Delphos
Delphos is now available in the Time Traveler’s shop.

Update Content:
1. Shadow Essence Discount
Get a bonus discount for buy 10x Shadow Essence now.
2. Activity Points
Buying Bread will now add to a player’s activity points.
Activity points received for logging in daily changed to both logging in and signing in to help players avoid forgetting to do Daily Sign In.
3. Magic Squares
Added a Magic Squares announcement that Leader and Elders can edit.
Magic Squares now shows the positions of other players by default.
Troops recalled to guard the Alliance Spawn Point will regen HP.
Now the latest board status messages can be viewed.
The Team Captain feature has been moved to the Alliance Spawn Point square info page.
4. Improved the opponent match up algorithm for Elite Crusade, slightly lowering Elite Crusade difficulty.
5. World Map Search
Now not only can players search for mines, they can also search for monsters (including Rally Monster).
6. Added an on/off switch to the lower right of the World Map page to show or hide Solo Monsters. Hiding Solo Monsters may slightly speed up game performance and reduce lag.
7. Players at Lv 50 and above are limited to 3 free Kingdom Transfers per month to avoid players taking advantage of the rules and switching kingdoms excessively.

1. The stamina purchase page will not automatically close after buying stamina so that players can conveniently buy multiple times in a row.
2. Players under Lv 50 who become World Ruler can also open the World Ruler page and perform World Ruler actions.
3. Fixed some display issues with ranking order in the Rankings interface

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