Thursday, October 13, 2016

[Wiklrleaks] New Game Mode: Beast Soul Protection

After a brief period of delayed updates, hot and wet Wiklrleaks are back in full force too. No new heroes leaked so far, but I got some info on a new hero feature.

New game mode: Beast Soul Protection

Similar to Dragon Prayer and Talent Boosts, Beast Soul Protection increases power of individual heroes and allows basic customization.

1. Beast Soul Protection unlocks at Troop Lv 65. Heroes with 5 pieces of equipment can receive a Beast Soul, boosting hero attributes and providing the hero with a Beast Skill.
2. Beast Skills can only be gotten by merging multiple components of the same Beast Soul.
3. Soul components come in Blue, Purple, and Orange quality levels.
4. Collecting 2/3/4 soul components will unlock the 1st/2nd/3rd Beast Skills.
5. Soul Refining and Soul Evolving will raise soul components.
6. Refining is restricted by evolution. Each evolution gives a player 10 chances to do soul refining for the soul component.
7. Blue/Purple/Orange equipment can be evolved 1/2/3 times respectively.
8. Blue and Purple soul components can only activate low-level Beast Skills. Orange soul components can activate high-level Beast Skills.
9. Skill level is connected to the number of times soul components have evolved. When the multiple components necessary to activate a skill have all evolved once, the skill will level up one level.
10. Each hero can choose different Beast Soul components to merge with.
11. You must spend diamonds to unbind components after they are bound to a hero.

You can obtain Beast Soul components from three places: Internal Kingdom Wars, Boss Tourney, and Beast Soul Arena. I'm afraid I don't have any details about those.

Thank for eleonoris from mrh reddit for information: original source

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