Friday, October 21, 2016

New Upcomming Update released on Monday 24.oct.2016

Hero Changes


Ultimate changed to – Bibo Blast: Strafes enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of him with a high-powered laser, dealing magic damage.
Blue Skill – Bibo Barrage: Improved animation effects
Passive – Bibo Recharge: Added a clear special effect when buff takes effect.
Damage was raised overall, and the damage attenuation effect on his ultimate after the bullet passes through the front row was removed, so it can now do greater damage to back row targets.


Ultimate changed to – Dragon Tail: Rushes at and deals physical damage to a target, knocking enemies hit along the way airborne.
Yuan has always been the most nimble dash-style tank in the game, able to deal devastating attacks to the enemy back row, but his original ultimate’s knockback effect would sometimes kick an ailing back row enemy completely off the screen, effectively saving their life, so we decided to make the dash attack more effective while still retaining the knock back element.

New Hero: Aurora

Role: Mid row. Support. New aiming mechanism.
Ultimate - Dawn Ritual: Casts a ray of light that burns enemies. The ray will bounce when it reaches the map's edge, losing some damage with each bounce. Bounces up to 2 times.
Green - Solar Flare: Summons a ray of sunlight to hit the nearest enemy and surrounding enemies.
Blue - Dancing Ray: Casts a ray at the farthest teammate which will bounce between teammates 5 times, damaging nearby enemies with each bounce.
Passive - Sun's Blessing: Aurora's skill will increase attack speed and physical lifesteal for teammate's within its AoE.
Note: in the leaked version her basic attack was physical. It's been changed to magic on the test server.

New Hero: Halley

Role: Mid row. Mage. High Crit Strike. Halloween-themed hero. 3-star Legendary
Ultimate - Soul Reap: Makes repeated swipes at a target area, dealing magic damage to enemies & drawing out a large amount of souls. Increases attack speed & crit strike rate for Halley & all Soul Scythes present.
Green - Soul Strike: Deals magic damage to a single enemy target and sucks out a part of the target's soul, increasing her own crit strike rate for a short time.
Blue - Soul Dash: Dashes forward a bit and swings her scythe, dealing magic damage in a fan-shaped area in front of her. She then jumps back away from the battlefield. (Does not take damage while dashing forward.)
Passive - Soul Scythe: Summons a Soul Scythe each time a skill is used. These scythes will float across the battlefield, dealing damage to enemies. This skill is immune to Silences.


Green – Time Travel: Changed the way this skill is animated. At the start of battle, the whole team will jump into the battlefield, and their attack speed will be increased.This change is more in line with a "time traveler" hero's character.

Update Content

1. Added a Gender Authentication feature.
Players can authenticate their gender and receive a special gift.
After verification, player avatar borders will be changed accordingly. Avatar borders will be displayed in World Chat, Ranking boards, etc.
Players can access the Gender Authentication feature in the Events page.
2. Magic Squares
Changed how Intercept squares work. Now players can get 8 pts per successful interception, for up to 40 pts. When the max is reached, the troop will automatically return home.
Added a push notification message when Magic Square action pts are full. This can be toggled on or off in the System Settings menu.
The previous rounds rankings will be kept after the event ends.
Extended the Team Captain buff range from 3 squares front and back to 10 squares.
Number of players required to activate an invincibility square has been lowered from 5 to 3 people.
3. Talents & Captain Skills
Added fragment name and applicable heroes for the Stardust Wish daily hotspot.
If a Talent Group can be activated, then a red dot will appear on the arrow for switching between Talent groups.
Fixed a bug causing Captain Skills of a small number of heroes to exceed Lv 7.
4. Brawl
Now a notice will appear on the Brawl building after a battle group forms.
The servers of other players will be displayed on the Brawl Ranking board, as well as alliance flags.


1. Improved the text color of numbers in the Academy when there are not enough upgrade resources.
2. A blessing score won’t be displayed after heroes get a gold star.
3. Fixed a bug so that players will now get a push notification when they receive a rally attack

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