Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New upcomming update. Released on Monday 1.nov.16

Hero Changes:

1. Hero Awakening: Russel
Awaken Skill: Demon Oath: Forces an enemy unit into signing a Demon Oath at the start of battle. Whenever Russel takes damage, the Oath’s target will also receive a proportionate amount of damage. When the Oath’s target dies, Russel will find another target to take the Oath.

2. Pearl;
Fixed her bonus attributes obtained when advancing, changing armor to attack damage.

Update Content:

1. New System: Beast Soul Protection
a) Unlocks at Lv 65. Brave heroes can seek the protection of these ancient beasts. Collect special beast souls to activate their powerful abilities.
b) Each hero can equip 4 Soul Components. If 2 of them belong to the same Beast set, then 1 powerful skill from that set will be activated.
c) When 3 or 4 out of the 4 components belong to the same set, after they are evolved, then the 2nd and 3rd skills of that set will be activated.
d) Soul components can be obtained by completing quests, from Beast Soul Tourney, and from Dragon Scale Lucky Buy. Also, there’s a mysterious subterranean realm that will be uncovered soon where more soul components can be won.

2. Beast Soul Tourney
a) Ladder Tourney has been reworked as Beast Soul Tourney. It unlocks at Lv 65.
b) Not only will players be able to win diamonds, gold, and Shadow Essence, but also Soul Components.
c) In Beast Soul Tourney battles, the power of Beast Souls for both opponents is greatly increased, and players can view their opponent’s Beast Soul set up.
d) Instead of running once a month, Beast Soul Tourney will run once every 2 weeks. Rewards for each period will be smaller, but the total for the month will increase.

3. Dragon Scale Lucky Buy
a) A new event added to the Events page. Take part in daily prize drawings to win rare soul components.
b) It only takes 1 Dragon Scale per day to participate. Drawings take place at server time 21:00, and all participants will win a prize.

4. Magic Squares
a) Improved the match-up algorithm so that strength of opponents will be more even.
b) Cannon Towers now do not cost an action point to perform a barrage, but only one barrage can be performed each time you stop on that square.
c) Action points are available for purchase after a certain VIP level.
d) The movement point card which gives 1 pt for each 1 square moved has been increased to 2 pts per square.
e) Buff squares, Healing squares, and Invincibility squares have been changed so that their effects only lasts a certain amount of time after being activated.

5. Gold Wish
a) Players at Lv 40 and up can complete all 5 free daily wishes with just one tap.

6. Time Traveler
a) Added a notice stating which heroes’ extra soulstones can be redeemed at the Time Traveler’s shop.


1. Added an indicator for number of idle airships to the left of the main page.
2. Even when battle reports for Crystal Dungeon and Ancient Ruins expire, they will still display something so that player lineups can be viewed. If there’s a new battle report later, the expired one will be replaced.
3. Fixed a bug that may have prevented the game from reconnecting or being unable to tap the reconnect button.
4. Fixed a bug that may have allowed for repeated heroes in the same lineup in Hero Brawl.

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