Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halley Guide

The spookily powerful Halley is now out! Come read her hero guide!

Halley Guide

1. Hero Role
Halley is a mid row Mage with high burst damage. Her weapon is a huge scythe to go along with her Halloween-themed design, for a kind of grim reaper meets schoolgirl effect. Halley’s skills have high crit strike buffs, and she’s one of the few heroes in the game that can jump over the enemy front row and go straight at mid and back row targets, slicing through the enemy formation like a wandering spirit on All Hallow’s Eve!Halley’s passive skill makes every skill she casts summon a “Soul Scythe” to deal damage to the enemy. These scythes will fly all around the battlefield, and if you can get 5 or 6 of them out there, and then Halley casts her ultimate to increase their crit strike rate, then it can be an awesome—or terrifying—sight to behold.
Halley most fits into the role of “Mage Assassin”. Her damage output compared to other heroes puts her easily into the “S” level, but conversely, her weakness is that she stands a bit too close to the front. Even though her “Soul Rush” skill gives her temporary invincibility, she still needs her team to protect her in order to ensure she can really start firing on all cylinders offensively.

2. Equipment Skill
Halley’s damage-dealing capabilities are already outstanding, but because she has to jump into the enemy formation to pull off her attacks, she needs to enhance her durability with her 7th piece of equipment: “Ring of Power”.

3. Captain Skill
Choosing a Captain Skill that does damage to the enemy mid/back rows works well with Halley’s mid/back row tendencies, for instance “Chain Lightning”, “Lightning Blast”, or ‘Venom Aura”. Or you could choose “Magic Ward” to raise her DPS, after all, pretty much no one can match Halley in terms of raw firepower.

4. Lineup Composition
1) Chavez + Halley + Lilith + Theresa + Crabbie (Awakened)
Crabbie’s Awaken Skill buffs magic penetration for “Horry Story” heroes. As for choice of tank, you could go for a physical-based or magic-based tank based on your opponent’s lineup.
2) Chavez + Halley + Blaine + Muse + Crabbie
Chavez, Halley, and Blain will keep the enemy mid and back rows pretty tied down, while Crabbie and Muse will add more firepower and durability. This is a do-it-all kind of lineup.

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