Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Upcomming Update ! Released on Monday 11/6/2016

Update 79 11/6/2016

Hero Changes
1. Emily
Ultimate - Energy Core: Raised the rate and amount of damage dealt by the burning caused to surrounding enemies by the summoned mechanical monster.
After Awakening, Emily underwent a bit of self-improvement to maintain her position as a core summoner-type hero, so her ultimate was buffed.

2. Rams
Blue Skill – Evil Offering: Increased damage of exploding scarabs.
Slightly increased casting speed for basic attack and skills.

3. Malachi
Added to the “Good Buddy” group.

Update Content
1. A new event is coming to the event calendar, so stay tuned!
a) Players can get bonus stamina items such as savory sausages, juicy chicken legs, etc. just by participating in various gameplay during the event.

2. Beast Soul Protection
a) Improved how some things are done in the Beast Soul interface.
b) Improved skill descriptions.

3. Magic Squares
a) Added a server ranking.
b) The lineup saved during the last season will be saved as the default when the new season starts.

1. Improved the World Map Mine and Alliance Mine interfaces. Now the alliance flag of the miner will be shown.
2. Added a push notification for when an ally is about to be attacked. This notification can be turned on or off in the settings menu.

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