Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Upcomming Update - Released on Monday 14.nov.16

1. Hero's Awakening:


Awakening Ability - Increases basic attack life stealing, and after using your ultimate Blade Strike, it awakens your dual blade bluff skills, increasing your basic attack and Blade Runner ability.
Legendary awakening quests have 3 stages, and are slightly different from those of other heroes.

2. Lorya
Blue Skill Revision - Fury Wing: Selects the enemy with the highest skill power and deals damage based on the enemy team's power of ability. If the enemy team's skill power is 50% higher than Lorya's, then she gains a temporary buff of armor and magical endurance.
Skill Order Adjustment: Fury Wing will be released before the Tornado Strike.

3. Halley
1) Increase in the rate of launch of Halley skills. More skills mean more scythes.
2) After Halley's death, Soul Scythe on the battlefield will still deal damage to opponents.

4. Luke
Increased attack speed.

5. Pulan
Increase in amount of energy gained from receiving damage.

6. Bedivere
Green Skill Review - Royal Guard: Enters the entire battlefield after it is launched. Allies that enter range of attack (including summoned creatures) immediately receive the buff effect.

Update content:

1. New game mode: Newfoundland

A) Release a new game mode on Level 55: Terra Nova. Players will not only gain many runes, but also Soul Beast Components and material for evolution.
B) Terra Nova opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (server time). Ally up with another player to face a total of 4 bosses.
C) Each boss is different, with individual strengths. Players can only defeat these bosses by using heroes who can counteract those strengths.

2. Beast Soul Protection
A) Improvement in skills descriptions and skill page. When viewing Soul Fera skills, players will be able to press and hold on an icon to view specific information regarding that ability.
B) Added an icon to a Soul Beast Storage page so that players can view all components more conveniently.

3. Double Academy Buff and Double Mine Buff
A) Added two types of buffs to the Academy to increase the resources produced by it or the amount of resources produced by the mines over a period of time.
B) When buying resources at the Academy or while mining, there is a chance of winning a Double Buff.

1. Adding a quick scrolling shortcut to the Casas Mágicas store.
2. Enhancement of the Demon King's highest level Demon King PV of the Demon King event.

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