Thursday, November 17, 2016

Aurora Guide

1. Hero Role
Aurora is a mid-row, buff-giving support. Her passive skill provides her allies with a massive boost in attack speed and physical lifesteal, and this effect can stack, so how best to take advantage of this ability is the key to unlocking Aurora’s full potential.
Aurora’s basic attack and skills are all magic damage-based, so her passive’s physical lifesteal buff is only of use to her teammates. Her ultimate “Dawn Ritual” also needs to be used strategically. If she casts it facing the back row, then it wastes its damage-dealing beam of light, so it still best to face forward and cast it so that she can damage enemies and buff your tanks at the same time. Her green skill “Solar Flare” can also stack a buff on the tanks, and if her blue skill “Dancing Ray” can bounce between your team’s tanks, then the added damage it packs will be used to full effect.
To sum up, Aurora is best used with physical-based, melee heroes such as Spar and Saizo.

2. Equipment Skill
As a support hero, Aurora doesn’t need to shell out a lot of damage, so your best bet in terms of equipment skills would be her 7th piece of equipment, Robert’s Gauntlet, enabling her to cast her ultimate faster and buff her team.

3. Captain Skill
Based on the team compositions Aurora works best with, she’ll be paired often with tanks, so tank-friendly Captain Skills like “Stoneskin” or “Agility” will get you more bang for your buck.

4. Lineup Recommendation
Jacob (Awakened) + Bedivere (Awakened) + Spar + Saizo + Aurora
This is a solid lineup for pairing Aurora with DPS melee-type tanks. For Campaign and Crystal Dungeon it should work really well, but in Arena, especially against an AoE damage, mage-heavy team, we’d recommend replacing Jacob with a hero that can counter your opponent (like Rek or Krash).

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