Thursday, November 17, 2016 New Update Incoming! Released on Monday 21.nov.16 New Update Incoming! / 更新公告

Hero Changes:

1. Hero Awakening:
Awaken Skill – Traceless: Increases his Dodge ability. When an attack is successfully dodged, he will make a rapid counter attack, dealing physical damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him.
Legendary Hero Awakening Quests have 3 parts to them, slightly different from ordinary Awakenings.

2. Hero Awakening:
Awaken Skill – Pumpkin Feast: When his ultimate is cast, 3 exploding pumpkins will be summoned. These pumpkins deal magic damage to enemies and provide a magic lifesteal effect for Thanos.
Legendary Hero Awakening Quests have 3 parts to them, slightly different from ordinary Awakenings.

3. Krash
Krash Soulstones can now be found in Elite Campaign, the Market, Black Market, Soul Exchange, etc.

4. Sebastian
Fixed a bug causing Sebastian to be unable to cast skills when he was the only hero on the battlefield for his side.

5. Rek
Fixed a bug sometimes preventing his Green skill's shield from going to the teammate with the lowest HP.

Update Content:
1. New Gameplay: Subterra
a) Unlocks at Lv 55. Players can not only get lots of runes, but also soul components and evolution material.
b) Subterra opens Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Players can team up to challenge a total of 4 bosses.
c) Each boss is different, with their own unique strengths. Only by using heroes that can effectively counter each boss can they be defeated.

2. Subterra
a) Added more recommended heroes. Players can see more thumbs up when setting their teams.
b) In the Main Hall, choosing the “All Difficulties” option will not show you difficulty levels beyond your maximum.
c) In the Main Hall, after choosing a certain difficulty level, levels lower than that will be displayed at the bottom of the list.
d) Once all challenge chances are used up, players won’t be able to do a solo challenge. They can enter the Main Hall, but they cannot create a room or use the “Quick Join” feature.
e) Improved UI display.

3. Beast Soul Warding
a) Added a shortcut for Beast Soul Storage so that it’s easy to view all the different types of soul components.
b) Now the “Get Component” button will correctly bring you to Subterra.

4. Magic Squares
After marching to a guard point, now you can only send out a guard troop once to avoid endlessly sending out troops to get a high score.

5. Gender Authentication

Players can choose to hide their gender via the Settings menu.

6. Quick Advance
a) Once a player reaches Troop Lv 70, if a hero is missing some runes when using “Quick Advance”, then the player can choose to spend diamonds to advance the hero right away. This feature is only unlocked after a certain VIP level.
b) Using this method, heroes can advance up to Orange, and only if the hero being advanced is at a much lower level than the player’s main heroes.

1. Added the left/right scrolling feature to the Magic Squares Shop.
2. Improved World Map performance, minimized network lag.

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