Friday, November 18, 2016

Legendary Heroes Awakening Explained

As more Legendary heroes get awakened, more and more players have been asking how to complete the 2nd stage of the Legendary Awakening Quest, so we’ve summarized the steps here in the hopes that you can awaken your favorite Legendary heroes as quickly as possible!

2nd Stage Awakening:
In the 2nd stage, the Awakening material isn’t gotten any more from just sweeping stages. When you first see that you need 1000 fragments, you’ll probably feel a little shocked, but don’t panic! Tap to enter and see how to get fragments for stage two.
1. Fight battles on the World Map, including destroying enemy castles, attacking enemy Alliance Turf (no matter if you defeat them or not), or garrisoning Mega Mines for 6 hours. All of these actions will provide you with bonus Awakening material fragments among the spoils of war that they provide. The amount of fragments that different heroes get will also be different. For example, Saizo gets about 1 or 2 fragments, and later Thanos can get about 3.
Using Thanos as an example, players can get about 20-40 fragments per day by fighting on the World Map, so it’s only a matter of time before you get to 1000.
Also, you can see from the picture that the attribute boost that Legendary heroes get from stage one and stage two isn’t the same, and the final Awakening gives the hero all attributes from stage one and two. So, even though Legendary Awakening quests are divided into 3 stages, that allows room for getting more attributes.
2. Aside from farming on the World Map, when diamonds are used to buy items in the Market, Black Market, Mystery Shop and Discount Shop, Awakening fragments will also be included for free. And it’s based on amount spent, so the more you spend, the more you get. Different heroes give out different amounts of fragments. If you just don’t have the patience to grind on the World Map, or you’ve got a heartless enemy always at your gates, then using the Shops is a way to greatly expedite your Awakening progress.

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