Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Upcomming Update ! Released on Monday 28.nov.16

Hero Changes


Blue Skill – Wing of Fury: Deals damage to enemy target based on the target’s ability power, and targets the enemy with the highest ability power by default. If the target’s ability power is higher than Lorya by 50% or more, then Lorya will get an anti-mage shield effect: the shield will absorb damage, and while the shield lasts Lorya's armor and magic resist will increase.
This change on one hand allows Lorya to be more durable with the help of the shield, but on the other hand, since Lorya naturally has high magic resist and low armor, physical-based teams will have an easier time breaking her defenses and being an effective counter against her.

Green Skill - Candy Twist: Increased shield amount and duration.
Blue Skill – Bitter Taste: Added a passive effect: Teammates with Candy Twist shields will deal a Bitter Taste effect to enemies with their basic attacks.
Purple (Passive) – Candy Tree: Added an initial damage when Candy Trees are detonated.
Blue Skill – Dancing Ray: Slightly enlarged the range of the projectile as it bounces around looking for teammates.
Slightly enlarged area of effect for damage and buff effect provided.
Adjusted Aurora's Talent.

Fixed bug possibly allowing enemies to do lifesteal when Paganini puts them to sleep and deals Nightmare damage.

Update Content

Hero Rating
Players can now give all heroes recommendations on best heroes to pair them with, as well as who they counter/are countered by.
In addition to this, players can also write comments and strategy guides which can get likes from other players.
You can only give recommendations and comments for heroes that you own, and those heroes must be at Purple quality level or above.

Added a basic strategy guide for boss objectives when forming team lineups.
Improved the boss browsing page.

Beast Soul Warding
Added a Beast Soul Handbook feature which players can use to look up all the Beast Souls (including ones they don’t own) and their details.

Quick Equip
Now when all components for a piece of equipment have been collected, players can use a one-tap quick equip button to cut down on repeatedly tapping your screen.

Added support for iMessage with an emoticon pack. Players on iOS 10 and above can use exclusive Magic Rush emoticons in iMessage.

Birthday Gift
We've prepared a surprise Birthday Gift to all players who registered their birthdays. Just login to the game on your birthday to receive.

8th Equipment
Shadow Essence cost reduced for enhancing 8th piece of equipment. Players who enhanced this equipment previously will be compensated.

Added a 2nd confirmation pop-up when spending diamonds in the Academy to get a Double Tech Buff.
Improved performance on the World Map to reduce network lag

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