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Legendary Heroes and Where to Find Them

I totally did not rip off the title from a certain movie.
So you want to get your first legendary hero, but you don't know which one and how? Excellent! You came to the right place.

Legendary Heroes Overview
There are 14 legendary heroes available at this moment. Two of them are easily farmable for non-VIP players. To get the rest, you need to spend diamonds. Some legends cost more diamonds than the others. All legends belong to the same awakening group Legendary Alliance.
For a more detailed discussion about each legend, search the subreddit and check the wiki. For team ideas check out the Team Recommender.
As a rule of thumb, tanks need plenty of health/stars to be viable. Mid- and back-row heroes can be useful even at 3 stars.

A physical support, but can still dish out decent damage. Provides fantastic shields for your team and drains energy from enemies. Useful even at 3 stars in both physical and magic teams. Combine with Awakened Kaiser and two healers for a very sturdy and annoying PvP team that can sustain itself over many fights. A very good choice for your first paid legend.
Available From: Events, Soulstone Wish

A physical tank with excellent dodge abilities. Unfortunately, like most tanks, he really needs a lot of Health (and thus stars) to be useful. 4 stars with decent Dragon Prayer bonuses is a bare minimum. 5 stars is preferable and getting him to high breakout levels is essential if you want to use him competitively in PvP.
Recently got an awakening, where he does extra damage each time he dodges.
Available From: Events, Soulstone Shop

A mage with a unique ability: he does additional damage to targets that are knocked up. Alone he's not that impressive, but once you build a team around him, you will defeat teams with higher power than yours with ease. Pairs really well with Monk Sun and Theresa, but also with Alma, Blaine, Charon, Jacob, and Awakened Merlynn.
His Magic Hold is countered by Krash.
Available From: Events, Soulstone Wish

Once a must-have tank, he's since fallen off and replaced with Awakened Kaiser and Chavez as a single tank. He's still very useful and easily farmable, so don't miss out on him. Creates shields for himself and can copy an enemy to fight for you.
Available From: Abyss Shop, Soulstone Shop

A mage that relies on critical hits to deal great damage. Summons scythes that randomly waddle across the battlefield and pierce through enemies. Rather squishy, but if she survives, she can hurt enemies a lot. No crowd control skills.
Available From: Events

A rather sturdy mage with potent lifesteal and regen abilities. Does good area damage and shines against summoners, but she has no crowd control. Get Theresa instead.
Available From: Soulstone Wish

Monk Sun
A more damage-oriented physical tank with fantastic crowd control abilities. Less durable than Charon and has the same problem - you need to invest in his star level.
Available From: Events, Soulstone Shop, Diamond Wish

The only cannon legend. Does physical damage. Summons a lot of scarabs that can absorb tons of damage; they are surprisingly good at tanking Theresa's skills. Quite sturdy, especially when there's someone to heal him back. Used to be bad, but a series of buffs made him way better.
Available From: Events

He's listed as a physical marksman, but his ultimate puts him in the middle of enemy team with beefed up health and resists. Steals energy and can annoyingly charm enemies to fight for you. Depending on who and when he charms, he can turn the tide of the battle. You might get away with having him only at 3 stars, but the more the better.
Available From: Events

Somewhat a signature legend of Magic Rush. Technically a physical tank, but he's more of a front row damager. Like Charon and Monk Sun he needs stars to thrive. He's rather squishy and he won't be able to tank solo, but does fantastic area physical damage.
Recently got awakening, which increased his damage and improved his survivability.
Available From: Events

Like Saizo, he's technically a tank, but his unique skill makes him start the fight near the enemy back row, separated from your team. If everything goes according to the plan, he will slice through squishy back-row heroes and disable the entire team. If not, you will be one man down and one enemy hero will end up with a full energy bar. Needs a lot of stars to survive and do his thing. Can be countered by strong Aurai, Awakened Murphy, or Theresa.
Available From: Events, Soulstone Shop

A mage that specializes in area damage. Quite lethal, especially when you use his captain skills, but he lacks any form of crowd control. Plus, you will likely spend your Arena coins on Jacob instead. Very useful in Crystal Dungeon.
Recently got awakening, which further boosts his damage and gives him life steal.
Available From: Arena Shop, Soulstone Shop, Events

A mage that does spectacular area damage and can imprison single enemies. Excellent even at 3 stars, will boost your Arena rank, and will carry you through Crystal Dungeon. Also, people in your alliance will be begging you to lend them Theresa for Tower Defense mode. A very good choice for your first paid legend.
Available From: Soulstone Wish

A ridiculously overpowered mage that does massive damage, steals energy, and stuns. All of that would be impressive on its own, but he does all three in a large area, making him borderline broken. Guaranteed to become the top damager in your team. Hands down the best legend (and possibly hero) there is. If you have a chance, get him - even at 3 stars.
Available From: Events

Where to Find Them
There are several ways of getting legendary heroes. Some heroes can be obtained from more than one place.
Here's a quick reminder how many soulstones you need for a given star level:
Cumulative Soulstones
6 (Silver)
7 (Gold)
The amount of soulstones required for breakouts (Silver and Gold stars) is approximate.
If you already have a legendary hero summoned and you receive a full 3-star hero card, you will receive 30 soulstones instead.
Regular Shops
You can buy two legends from shops tied to game modes: Thanos from the Arena Shop and Gerber from the Abyss Shop. 5 soulstones cost 1,000 coins, twice as much as soulstones of regular heroes.
Available Heroes: Gerber, Thanos

Diamond Wish
After you recharge 90,000 basic diamonds, buying a x8 Diamond Wish gets you a 3-star Monk Sun. This offer happens just once. 90,000 basic diamonds corresponds to VIP 14. Not the cheapest way of getting Monk Sun, but if you know you're going to spend tons of money, it's a nice bonus.
Available Heroes: Monk Sun

Soulstone Wish
Open only for VIP 8 and up. For 400 diamonds you can buy 6 chests with soulstones of three daily heroes and a chance for soulstones of a legendary hero of the week. You can get legendary soulstones only from every other wish (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and so on). Each legendary chest can net you 3-5 soulstones. On average, it costs 200 diamonds to get one legendary soulstone. Keep in mind you will also get bunch of other soulstones and some gold.
Weekly legends appear in the same order, so if you missed on a particular legend, it will appear again in four weeks. Heroes available in the Soulstone Wish change occasionally.
Available Heroes: Theresa, Ariel, Lilith, Edwin (in that order)

Soulstone Shop
Open only for VIP 8 and up. You can buy soulstones, rune fragments, and other various items for diamonds. If you buy more items at the same time, you get a discount (up to 40% for all four items). Refreshing items is free everyday (up to 6 refreshes at VIP 15), after that it costs 20 diamonds to refresh.
Legendary heroes available in the Soulstone Shop change daily. It costs 300 diamonds to get 3 legendary soulstones without any discounts. At 100 diamonds per a soulstone it's a relatively cheap way to obtain those legends.
Available Heroes: Thanos, Gerber, Monk Sun, Charon, Smoke

Paid events
Most legendary heroes are introduced through special, one-time paid events. All of them also feature a secondary, non-legend hero.

Lucky Wheel
Spend 100 diamonds to spin the wheel and get a random reward. Apart from heroes, you can also get gold, rune fragments, shadow essence, and experience pots. You can get directly from the wheel either 3 legendary soulstones (rare, about once per 20 spins) or a full 3-star legendary hero (extremely rare, about once per 1,000 spins).
Available Heroes: Saizo (frequently), Robin, Edwin, Vortex, Halley

Lucky Cards
Flip cards to get a reward. The possible rewards are visible at the beginning. Besides the soulstones, you can also get academy resources, gold, runes, shadow essence, and experience pots. Flipping successive cards costs more:
Diamond Cost
Possible Legendary Soulstones
The better the reward the more flips it will require to get. Legendary soulstone rewards are tied, so you will always receive 2 soulstones on the first flip and 20 soulstones on the fifth one. You can get a triple bonus as the 2nd or 3rd card - the bonus can triple your legendary soulstones.
It costs 30 diamonds to refresh the cards. You can refresh the cards without flipping a single card, so you can refresh until you get the set of cards you like.
Generally it's the cheapest way of getting a legendary hero. See the detailed strategy on wiki.
Available Heroes: Smoke, Saizo, Ariel, Rams, Edwin, Robin

Lucky Dice
Roll the dice and travel through the board to collect random rewards. 1 roll costs 100 diamonds, but you can get two free rolls per day with the help of your alliance.
This event is very similar to the Lucky Wheel. You can get a full 3-star hero directly, but it's extremely rare.
Available Heroes: Saizo, Ariel, Rams

Daily purchases reward
Every day for the duration of the event, you can also get guaranteed rewards based on the number of daily purchases:
Daily purchases
30 or 50
10 or 15 legendary soulstones
300 or 500
Full 3-star legendary hero
The exact number of required purchases for guaranteed rewards vary between events.
Generally, the cheapest way of getting a legend through paid events is to spend enough for the guaranteed 10 or 15 legendary soulstones every day (Lucky Card is the exception). Then on the last day just continue spending until you get at least 80 legendary soulstones, enough to summon a legend.
There's also a server-based ranking of top spenders in all paid events except Lucky Treasure. Top 5 places get extra legendary soulstones, top 3 places get a full 3-star legendary hero. Remember that if you already have a legendary hero summoned, next 3-star hero card you receive will turn into 30 soulstones. So it might be a good idea to wait with summoning the legend until the end of the event, on the off chance you get a full 3-star legend before.
Applies to: Lucky Wheel, Lucky Cards, Lucky Dice

Lucky Treasure
Spend 100 diamonds to open a treasure and collect random rewards. There's a limited number of treasures available on each server per refresh, shared with other players. Usually it's 500 (sometimes 1,000 or 1,500) treasures and two refreshes, 12 hours apart.
Technically you can get a full 3-star legend with as little as 100 diamonds, but it's very hard. Usually full legendary heroes appear near the end of treasures, with less than 200 treasures left. Previously all servers shared the exact treasure number with a full legendary hero, but now it's properly randomized. Depending on how active the server is and how desirable the main legend is, all treasures can disappear under 10 minutes.
Since the Lucky Treasure is a single-day event, there are no daily purchases rewards.
Available Heroes: Rams, Robin, Ariel, Monk Sun, Charon, Thanos

Thanks to eIeonoris from reddit: original link

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