Monday, December 5, 2016

Abyss Treasure - Strip Mining

Random Digging

Strip Mining

In the two abyss treasure map dug with same amount of shovels, one randomly and one maximizing the ratio between discovered and dug out area.
Simple and straightforward, the random mining you just dug down and aim for treasure but for strip mining, you have to dug down until you you are 2 blocks away from the lowest block and proceed to dig left or right until you are 2 blocks away from each side too; Once you cleared the deepest row out, make sure you would dig out 3 blocks from undiscovered row to maximize the discovered area as much as possible.
Until before the timer ends, you dig treasure out at once or alternatively, dig treasures at batches. This digging method does not effectively apply until you reach late levels.
Strip mining method from Minecraft somehow applies in Magic Rush: Heroes' Abyss Treasure gamemode too.

Thanks to Rilene from reddit: original link

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