Monday, December 5, 2016

Hero Tierlist - free to play

f2p Tierlist Magic Rush Heroes (01.12.2016) by Riven (Merger 70)

Hey everyone, I made a tierlist of which heroes you should level/skill up as a free to play player and overall. Im going to sort this in different categorys.
  • Arena shop:
  • 100% go for Jacob here until you have him gold starred. Jacob is one of your highest priority heroes to level up because he works great for arena and crystal dungeon.
  • After that you can go for either Thanos or Spar, it doesnt really matter since both are kind of trash.
  • Crusade shop:
  • Its up to you here, but you should get Blaine and Mira both to gold star. Blaine is sort of a must have for arena as a free to play player and also works for some crystal dungeon stages aswell.
  • Mira works for nearly every arena team and is a BEAST at orange +3 so definently work on her aswell. After you got both of them gold starred, focus on Gorgana. Bibo is useless right now.
  • Treasure Shop:
  • Go for gerber here, but keep in mind that he is not that great anymore! Still you should get Gerber to gold star and after that you can just wait for runes that you want to buy. Gerber can work pretty well in arena but is NOT considerd as a tank anymore! You will have to pair him with a tank like chavez or Kaiser to keep him alive.
  • Ignore Torin, hes terrible.
  • Hero-Brawl shop:
  • Pandarus is great for Arena teams and so is Gridlock. Pandarus is a backrow heavy dps mage and marksman, whilest Gridlock is more of a support focused marksman with a great ultimate. Personally I reccomend going for Pandarus first, since he has insane dps at Gold star and can fit into nearly every arena team. Gridlock becomes better than him in the really late stages of the game (Orange +3 all heroes in your arena team).
Okay so now that im done with the free to play shop heroes, ill go over to free to play heroes overall. Im going to sort them by the categorys tank,marksman,mage and so on.
  • GodTier arena tanks: Kaiser (awakend,before beeing awakend hes still good, but his awakening makes him great), chavez, Jacob (same as with Kaiser)
  • GoodTier arena tanks: Gerber, Uther(awakend), Pulan (only at 5stars and paired with merlynn), Seeley (only at late end game) and Lorya(shes sort of situational, but since nearly all teams are ap right now, shes also good)
  • BadTier arena tanks:Bedivere(awakening is bugged as far as I know), Lee, Yuan, Spar, Leon
  • GodTier Crystal dungeon tanks:Kaiser, Pulan, Jacob, Gerber(only in some stages)
  • GoodTier Crystal dungeon tanks:Uther (awakend), Chavez
  • BadTier Crystal dungeon tanks:Seeley,Bedivere,Yuan,Spar,Leon,Lee,Lorya
  • GodTier arena mages: Blaine, Karna(5 stars), Salman(awakend), Medea(late game), Paganini
  • GoodTier arena mages: Diaodachan(must be 5 stars), Gorgana, Crabbie(awakend and late game), Delphos, Alma
  • BadTier arena mages: Baggins, Emily, Karas, Thanos
  • GodTier crystal dungeon mages: Delphos, Salman, Diaodachan, Crabbie(only for spider stages), Paganini
  • GoodTier crystal dungeon mages: Blaine, Alma, Medea, Gorgana, Emily
  • BadTier crystal dungeon mages: Baggins, Karas, Thanos.
  • GodTier arena marksmen: Mira, Pandarus, Gearz(late game), Coco(late game and atleast 5 star), Sue(ONLY at 5 STARS+, else keep your fingers off her), Zoe(SAME AS FOR SUE), Pearl(5 stars)
  • GoodTier arena marksmen: Gridlock(at late game close to godtier), Ruby, Lufia(awakend), Rek(same as for Gridlock), West (late game)
  • BadTier arena marksmen: Jolie, York, Torin, Bibo
  • GodTier crystal dungeon marksmen:Zoe, Mira, West(late game), Coco, Pearl
  • GoodTier crystal dungeon marksmen:Pandarus, Gearz, Sue, Gridlock
  • BadTier crystal dungeon marksmen: Jolie,Torin,York,Lufia,Ruby,Rek, Bibo
  • GodTier arena supports: Sebastian, Murphy, Krash, Merlynn(awakend), Kong ming(5 stars)
  • GoodTier arena supports: Aurai, Muse
  • BadTier arena supports: Candy, Aurora ( for these two Im not 100% sure as Candy has been buffed recently and no one really uses Auorora so far)
  • GodTier crystal dungeon supports: Aurai, Muse, Sebastian
  • GoodTier crystal dungeon supports: Murphy
  • Not yet tested crystal dungeon supports: Candy, Aurora, Krash
  • GodTier arena cannons: Grunk(only awakend and 5stars+ and even then hes rather good to god tier)
  • GoodTier arena cannons: Russel(have not yet seen his awakening in action, he might move up to god tier)
  • BadTier arena cannons: Little red, Luke, Bauer(not yet seen at 5 stars thought), Watson
  • GodTier crystal dungeon cannons:none
  • GoodTier crystal dungeon cannons: Grunk(before late game)
  • BadTier crystal dungeon: Russel, Luke, Watson
  • Havent seen Little red in crystal dungeon yet, but I imagine she might be in good tier.
That finishes up my tierlist for free to play players. Now heres for the, in my opinion, most important heroes you should go after right now:
  • Kaiser,Jacob,Chavez(decide between Kaiser and Chavez one of them is enough. If your server uses more magic dmg teams go with Kaiser), Blaine, Mira, Merylnn, Sebastian, Murphy, Krash, Pulan, Zoe(only if you can get her to 5star by soulstone request or already have her at 5stars), Gearz
To find out about arena team compositions you can use the team reccomendern /u/eIeonoris made or create an account on an older server, level it to 25 and watch the arena top ranks that arent using legendarys.

That concludes my tierlist / hero reccomendations. I apologize for any spelling / grammar mistakes as im not a native speaker.
If you have any different opinions on hero tiers, I dear you to let me know. I have not yet seen every arena team in action obviously and would really appreciate to be educated by you guys!

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