Monday, December 5, 2016

New Update ! Released on Monday 5.dec.16

Hero Changes
  1. West: Increased casting rate for Blue Skill Energy Chaser. Now West will keep casting multiple Energy Chasers.
    • As a representative of the "Kung Fu" set of heroes, West's fighting style should be more action-packed, so we increased the rate of his teleport skill. This makes it easier for him to avoid non-aimed skills and increase his damage output. It also makes him seem more like an action star.
  2. Pearl
    • Pearl Soulstone requests can now be made on the Soul Exchange.
Update Content
  1. Subterra
    • To accommodate players in more time zones, opening times for Subterra have been changed to server time 5:00-8:00, 11:00-14:00, and 18:00-21:00.
    • We've improved data transmission for joining rooms between servers to reduce “timeout” occurrences.
    • Now players can send up to 5 invitations to the same players within a 15 minute time window. (Originally 1 invitation)
    • Bug fix: Scylla's HP regen skill was sometimes mistakenly interrupted.
  1. Daily Sign In
    • Added new cumulative sign in rewards. Sign in for 7 and 15 days in a row to get a bonus gift.
  2. Soul Exchange
    • When making a soulstone request, the first hero in the list will no longer be selected by default to avoid accidental requests.
    • The list won't be refreshed after donating soulstones to improve user experience.
  3. Activity Points
    • Players can get activity points for buying Soul Crystals.
  4. Rally Monsters
    • Rally Monsters added in Kingdoms for merged servers.
  1. Added a special effect prompt when more heroes can be added to one's lineup as Beast Soul tier levels up.
  2. Improved the skill demo interface. Skill descriptions added.
  3. Added info about remaining City Wall points in emails announcing your city has been defeated

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