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[Wiklrleaks] Orange +4 hero quality, Rune Cores, New Hero: Hades, Internal Kingdom Wars

Buckle your seatbelts, wiklrleaks are really leaky this time.

Orange +4 hero quality and Rune Cores
A little is known about Orange +4 quality itself, but it will unlock yet another way of raising heroes' power: Rune Cores. Looks like it's similar to Beast Souls.

  1. At Orange +4 heroes will unlock Rune Cores, with the white Rune Core being unlocked by default. Other Rune Cores require corresponding Rune Core Keys to unlock them which can be obtained from Odin's Realm or Blessings.
  2. Enhancing Rune Cores requires spending Rune Core Elements, with different amounts needed at different levels.
  3. When a certain number of Rune Cores are enhanced to a certain level, they will advance. After advancing, all Rune Core growth attributes will increase, as well as element levels.
  4. Each Rune Core has four attribute types: fire, water, earth, and wind. When a Rune Core is in a certain element state, the corresponding attribute will receive a bonus percentage boost.
  5. Enhancing Rune Cores may change their element states, and adding spirits can also change their element states.
  6. The more cores there are in the same element state, the higher that element's attribute will be boosted.
  7. Having 3 or more of the same element activated will activate the hero's element state. When the hero's element state counters the boss in Odin's Realm, that hero will be able to deal extra damage to the boss. The higher the element's level, the more damage will be dealt.
  8. Element countering system: fire counters wind, water counters fire, earth counters water, and wind counters earth.
New Hero: Hades
Not much is known at this point, but it looks like he's another hero relying on a sleep mechanic with a dose of summons.
  • Soul Bash (ultimate): Causes enemy souls to leave their bodies, dealing dmg & weakening them until the soul returns. Bodies receive a % of dmg taken by souls. If a soul dies, the hero's weakened state will last longer.
  • Death Bloom: Hades teleports behind the nearest enemy and deals area damage while also lowering the enemy's attack speed and movement speed.
  • Night Terror: A Night Terror grows on a random enemy's body, dealing continuous dmg. Night Terror casts Death Bloom with Hades It will periodically seek a new host. It cannot be attacked & dies when Hades dies.
  • Soul Terror (passive): When a Night Terror leaves its host, it puts in the host to sleep & summons the host's soul before Hades. If a host receives a sleep effect, the Night Terror will immediately leave it & seek another.
Internal Kingdom Wars
The third way of getting Beast Soul components, it's a world map-based PvP mode.
  1. After Kingdom War starts, alliances have 72 hours to gather King's Medals and climb the rankings to receive rewards of Soul Crystals and other chests that can be doled out to alliance members.
  2. Kingdom War has 3 stages: a Registration stage, lasting 23 hours; a Preparation stage, lasting 1 hour; and a War stage, lasting 72 hours.
  3. After the Registration stage, the top 5 alliances according to level and number of Turf construction points will receive 50 King's Medals to start with.
  4. When War begins, 6 Arenas will be spawned in each Kingdom once every 12 hours.
  5. Players will get King's Medals for occupying an Arena. Arena's give out 1 King's Medal every half an hour.
  6. Every 4 hours, treasure chests will be spawned inside the Kingdoms. Looting these chests will give players a chance of getting medals and Beast Soul-related rewards.
  7. After War begins, alliances can win more medals by defeating the Alliance Turf of an alliance that has medals. The more build points the attack drains, the more medals the attacker will receive.
Medal Chests
  1. Aside from dropping medals, Medal Chests will also drop materials for refining and evolving soul components, as well as Blue and Purple components.
  2. King Medal Chests will refresh once every 4 hours.
  3. Players cannot attack Medal Chests in other Kingdoms.
  4. Mining chests will use up your daily march chances.
Kingdom Arenas
  1. Occupy arenas in your Kingdom to receive King Medals that they produce every half an hour.
  2. Players cannot attack arenas in other Kingdoms.
  3. After occupying an arena, the troop will continuously lose HP. After all HP is gone, the troop will return home.
  4. A new group of arenas will appear every 12 hours. There are 6 groups in total.
  5. When Kingdom War ends, the arenas will disappear and all troops will return home.
There are also Kingdom Gifts that are distributed by the alliance leader at the end of the Kingdom War, similarly to chest rewarded after Throne Wars.

Thanks to eleonoris from reddit: original link

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