Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcoming Update - Released on Monday 12.dec.16

Upcoming Update - New hero: Tartarus, Kingdom Wars

Hero Changes
  1. Lorya: Blue Skill: Wing of Fury: Speed up the casting timethus lowering the chance that the skill may get interrupted.
  2. New Hero: Tartarus
    • 2-star hero.
    • Role: Front row Damager, physical basic attack, can create nightmares to weaken his enemies.
    • Ultimate: Soul Bash: Attacks the whole enemy team, causing their souls to leave their bodies, putting them in an out-of-body state until the soul returns. A portion of damage taken by a soul will be transferred to the hero, and if the soul is killed, it will immediately return to its body, dealing huge damage and extending Out-of-Body duration. Out-of-Body: greatly lowers the target's attack damage and ability power when its soul is extracted by Tartarus. The souls have the same stats as the hero they belong to.
    • Blue Skill 1: Death Bloom: Deals area damage to nearest enemy while also lowering the enemy's attack speed and movement speed.
    • Blue Skill 2: Night Terror: A Night Terror grows on a random enemy's body, dealing continuous dmg. Both Night Terror and Tartarus can cast Death Bloom.
    • Passive Skill: Soul Terror: Increasing Tartarus's attack damage. All sleeping heroes will be put into Out-of-Body State.
Update Content
  1. New Gameplay: Kingdom War (more details in our latest wiklrleaks post)
    • The Kingdom War will start after a server has been open for 38 days, after the first Kingdom War, the war will open every 15 days.
    • The four Kingdoms will be divided into 4 different battlefields, all the alliances need to gather King's Medals and climb the rankings to receive rewards.
    • All alliances that have placed a Citadel can register for the War. The 5 highest ranking alliances, determined by citadel level and then construction points, will start with certain King's Medals.
    • When War begins, Arenas will be spawned in each Kingdom once every 12 hours. Players will get King's Medals for occupying an Arena.
    • King's Medals will be stored in the Citadel after acquiring. You can loot King's Medals by attacking another alliance's Citadel.
    • Every 4 hours, treasure chests will be spawned inside the Kingdoms. Looting these chests will give players a chance of getting medals and Beast Soul-related rewards.
    • The highest ranking alliances will get massive gold and silver chests as reward, as well as purple Beast soul-related rewards.
  2. Hero Comments
    • New translating function for Hero Comments.
  3. Alliance Turf
    • If two alliances Turf areas conflict your Citadel will not be downgraded if the enemies Citadel never have reached level
  1. Improved logging speed.
  2. Improved the order of the items in the bag.
  3. Improved Bedivere's skill description.
  4. Improved how the buffs are displayed on world map

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