Friday, January 27, 2017

Subterra Tips

First of all: you don't need power of 200k although that helps. but the right tactic and troop composition is the key to winning.

scylla: INFO: Scylla has a small amount of health, but only takes 1 damage maximum per hit. So you want heros that can do alot of hits in a small amount of time. Wait for scylla to be vulnerable for the 2nd time so all heroes can ulti. york, sue, diachon, jacob, coco, charon, lil red, pear,jolie. This usually occurs around the 55 second mark, 20 second for the next chance. Yet to be determined, I’ve been hearing from alot of others that A. Pandarus, Luke and candy prevent her from healing, with their skills. I only do tier 8 bosses, and I haven’t been able to get it to happen for me yet. More comments claiming its true however.

delphos: you need summoners to distribute dmg and keep your heroes alive. healing and life steal are disabled. rams, kong ming, medea, emily, merelyn, malachi and probably a tank. I’ve found Ariel also helps since shields are not disabled. It also appears that hero’s cannot be healed.
@Rarelyuseful: for this tip: Gerber does well because of his damage reflect. Also Lorya since the damage he does is AP.

crabbie: heroes with continuous dmg and a healer (muse is enough). other dmg is also possible but very much decreased. destroy the boxes that give magic immunity before he ultis. lufia, spar, mira, medea, salman, luke, baggins, smoke, theresa, Gerber. I beat lvl 8 with only 160k power and several only purple and not fully skilled heroes.

Uther: he has very high AR and MR, therefore you need single hits with high dmg. kill his minions to raise your teams power and keep your heroes alive. mira, delphos, etc. pretty much everyone with attacks that hit a single target hard.

grunk: you can only use the "i can fly" heroes cause all other get destroyed after some seconds by his lava. you find the list on the attribute page of for example muse, edwin or pearl.

rams: you need a good tank and probably aurai and another healer to keep the tank alive. dealing dmg is not so important because he loses hp anyway every time he summons. Yet to be determined, but I think killing his summons faster will help him summon them again sooner; thus decreasing his life faster. Avoid CC, or skills/items that slow down his casting speed. Since you're relying on him mosting damaging himself when he summons scarabs.

rek: he kills every hero with 2 strikes so don’t let him close to your heroes and because he deals dmg to all heroes when he gets hit. A healer like aurai can really help keep your heroes alive, but might not be necessary for some. All heroes with knockback are good. kaiser is the only tank with knockback. though he dies fast its worth using him cause he can ulti after the first time he gets hit. emily is also good cause she gains energy when her summon is attacked and that way I manage to keep rek always in the back corner where he is distracted by the summons and get constantly knockbacks from my heroes cause they gain energy very fast. sue, gearz, kaiser, Yuan, emily, aurai, ruby (make sure to time the ulti right, cause otherwise he/she/it (whatever it is) stands right in front of rek and gets killed, zoey, pearl (haven’t tried her yet, but she is supposedly very good), west.
Thanks to @ Lolligagers for this next tip: A Grunk apparently does very well, since when he dies his 2 summons keep him quite busy. I haven’t confirmed it yet myself.

Thanks to @tankopotamus for this next tip: Yuan also works for a knockback, and pearls ultimate actually knocks him up for every hit he takes (4 or so) and it can cast multiple times. Also Frostwail helps provide more targets.

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