Friday, January 27, 2017

Update - New hero: Noel & Snow, Christmas themed city

Hero Changes

New Hero: Noel & Snow
Role: Christmas Theme Hero, Front row Tank & mid row Mage team, Snow and Noel. Disturb enemies’ lineup by using magnetic force.
Ultimate: Bouncing Twins: Noel & Snow move to the target direction simultaneously, and bounce between walls. Noel deals ability damage to those on their path, and exert N Pole mark. Snow deals attack damage to those on the path.
Green: Magnetic Strike: Noel throw 3 magnets N Pole at back row enemies, deal magic damage and put N Pole mark to the target. If the target have already been marked with N Pole, the target will be stunned. Snow jump to the nearest enemy and deal physical damage. Snow’s attack will put S Pole mark to the target.
Blue: Poles Repel: Noel shoots out a North Pole Beam, deal magic damage to enemies, and knock back the enemies. Snow ran to Noel, and cause physical harm to enemies on the way.
Passive: Poles Attraction: Increase ability power and Noel&Snow's life, armor, magic resistance. when the enemy with a N Polar mark have a stun effect, the enemy will be drawn towards S Polar marked target When you get Noel&Snow, you could also get Hero Avatar along with Limited theme Name Card Frame.

Update contents
-Flower sending function
Tap on a players name card to enter that player's flower room where you can send flower. Flowers can get from To Do chests and by spending diamonds.

-Brand New Christmas City
New Christmas City online, mystical Christmas tree will open with Christmas event

-Alliance War
Improved the participating requirements of Alliance War. now the participating is based on alliance point.

-Adding alliance flag on avatar in group chat.
-Improved the Hero borrowing function
-Improved the fluency of world map
-Improved loading speed

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